Kirin Ichiban x The Table, the perfect Japanese beer and food pairing

Time to indulge in the perfect combination of Japanese delicacies and Kirin Ichiban beer now at Isetan The Japan Store.
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Forget the traditional green tea or sake combo because right now at The Table of Isetan The Japan Store, you can pair your favourite Japanese cuisine with a glass of Japanese premium beer Kirin Ichiban.

Authentically crafted in Japan using 100% malt, Kirin Ichiban is a premium beer that utilises its innovative “First Press” brewing method – a technique where only the first press of the malt liquid is used, exuding a pure crisp taste minus the bitter aftertaste.

Bringing the celebration of the finest Japanese beer and cuisine to life, Kirin Ichiban recently collaborated with The Table of Isetan The Japan Store in Lot 10 Kuala Lumpur to bring to the table specially curated Japanese cuisine to complement its beer.

Now, you can satisfy your taste buds in exquisite flavours from the Kirin Ichiban x The Table specially crafted menu, consisting of…


Skilfully charcoal grilled and marinated in sweet teriyaki sauce, the fattier and heartier Grilled Yellowtail is quietly balanced with the sweet and mild flavours of the daikon.

Another delightful dish to have on a winter’s day is the Snow Crab Tamagoyaki – sweet and savoury tamagoyaki topped with lightly seasoned snow crab to bring out the natural sweetness of the dish.

When paired with the flavours of Kirin Ichiban, you get the right balance of both the beer and seafood nuances that dance in harmony in every bite.


At Toriden, warm yourself with a bowl of Chicken Dumpling with Collagen Chicken Soup, which is a wholesome white chicken broth that is slow-boiled for more than six hours with fresh whole chicken, before digging into the juicy chicken dumpling.

Then proceed with the Truffle with Toriden Tamago – a soft-boiled egg with perfectly runny yolk, served cold on top of a spread of chicken miso together with slices of truffle.

If you wash it down with a cold glass of Kirin Ichiban beer, the effect is somewhat similar to a refreshing bath in a hot spring in winter – simply blissful!


Taking inspiration from The Tokyo Restaurant’s contemporary menu of fusion cuisines, the Cold Capellini with Sea Urchin is the perfect mix of Western and Japanese cuisine.

What you get is a generous portion of somen noodles coated with shiso flowers, clam juice, ginger and bonito broth that gives it a jello- like consistency. Top it off with Hokkaido’s fresh sea urchin and you have yourself the finest winter cuisine.

The playful creative flavours of the dish is bound to be a treat for your taste buds when paired with
the smooth and rich Kirin Ichiban.


Replacing the usual chicken katsu at Anzu is the best scallops flown all the way from Aomori, Japan.

The end product? Golden brown-hued Scallop Katsu - a signature light crispy battered katsu with a delicious twist.

Accompany the dish with a glass of Kirin Ichiban for nicely balanced flavours without overpowering one another. It's the perfect drinking snack you need for TGIF sessions!

Head on down to The Table at Isetan The Japan Store, Lot 10 from 11AM to 3PM and 6PM to 11PM and treat your palate to the best of Japan with the finest Kirin Ichiban beer and Japanese cuisine pairing.



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