The Le Micro-Caviar De Rose is a miracle worker by Dior Beauty

When a remarkable rose lends its exceptional regenerative power to Dior’s most sumptuous micro-nutritive skincare.
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Not far from Christian Dior’s childhood home is a wild yet resilient rose that blossoms exquisitely even under the harsh Normandy climate. It does this by harnessing all its surrounding resources to enrich itself with micro-nutrients essential to its vitality and beauty. Bestowed with the name Rose de Granville after seven consecutive rounds of cross-breeding and refining, it became the first rose ever created for cosmetics.

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Now residing within the prodigiously fertile soil of Dior Garden, the experts from Dior Science carefully draw out every single micro-nutrient from the heart of this extraordinary treasure through a high-technology patented green extraction process to put together a supreme formula that would soon make up the prestigious Le Micro-Caviar De Rose.

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The ultimate solution to tired skins plagued by daily aggressors, its luxurious caviar texture imparts 22 repairing precious nutrients continuously for 8 hours into your complexion.

Shea butter provides added nourishment and incredible sensation to this intense recovery. Use it as a daily intensive treatment or wear it to sleep, the skin is soon fully nourished, deeply regenerated and completely revitalised.

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