Fab Tech: 3 apps to help you sleep better

Find out which smartphone apps that help you get the much-needed beauty sleep.
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"A century and a half ago, we went to bed at 9 PM and got up at 6 AM at the first crow of a rooster. Since then, mankind has lost an average of an hour and a half sleep every night, largely due to the fact that our life was flooded with gadgets that emit light," says Dr Oliver Stanech from the Swiss clinic Clinique La Prairie.

And let's face it, jet sets and fashion insiders like yourself need all the sleep and rejuvenation you can get to tackle the weeks ahead.

Fact: Tech gadgets actually prevent the development of melatonin: a hormone that introduces the body into sleep.

To solve this problem, tech manufacturers have already developed a number of phone apps: for example, last year's iOS 9.3 firmware (and many androids followed it) automatically turns the screen into a warmer shade of the spectrum with the onset of darkness outside the window.

If your phone does not have this feature, just put it away from the bed at least an hour and a half before the planned retirement.

So, we decide to narrow down the apps that can help you with your beauty sleep.

3 smartphone apps to promote high-quality slumber

Sleep Timer

Created by Azumio to make it easier for you to get out from under the blanket.

When you fall asleep, Sleep Timer begins to record all movements and sounds in the room to get a complete picture of the quality of sleep in the various phases. 

As a result, the app will only set off the alarm at the precise timing where your body will awake slowly without feeling groggy.


(Click here to download at Google Play and Apple App Store)

Tao Mix

This is not just another background music app for sleeping.

Unlike others, TaoMix allows you to create a unique atmosphere every time using new tunes. 

From sounds of waves, running creek and birds singing to the howling of the wind or raindrops, you can use several sounds at once. 

Mixes can be saved for re-listening. Suitable not only for diving into a deep sleep, it is also perfect for practicing yoga and meditation.


(Click here to download at Google Play and Apple App Store)

Up For Coffee

Much like a calorie counter app, Up For Coffee allows you to monitor how caffeine from espresso, energy drinks and chocolate acts on your body throughout the day.

In less than two weeks of research, the program will be able to establish your relationship between the amount of coffee consumed and the duration of sleep, its quality, night vigils and sudden awakenings.

That way, you can control your daily intake to avoid caffeine overdose!


(Click here to download at Google Play and Apple App Store)



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