SK-II unveils docu-series “My PITERA™ Story” with Tangwei, Nini and more

Tangwei, Nini, Haruka Ayase and Chloe Grace Moretz recount their skincare journey with SK-II.
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SK-II reveals its latest campaign titled My PITERA™ Story, featuring the beauty powerhouse’s global brand ambassadors: Tangwei, Nini, Haruka Ayase and Chloe Grace Moretz.

Launched as a docu-series, the campaign captures the muses’ skin journey with SK-II by recreating their first SK-II campaign. Each installment of the campaign gives a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes life of the stars, where they share intimate conversations about how their skin and lives have changed since they were introduced to the PITERA™ Essence.

Haruka Ayase


“It’s been more than 10 years since I’ve been using PITERA™ Essence so its like part of my life. Each CM I did with SK-II was memorable. It’s the type of CM that makes my heart race. Looking back at my very first CM, I do feel a little embarrassed. But being able to completely remake this again makes me truly happy. I am who I am and was able to change my attitude towards caring for my skin because of this meeting with SK-II and PITERA™ when I was 25 years old. SK-II is my partner. That is how I feel.”


Tang Wei


“When I first heard about this project, I asked “Really? Are we really doing this again? But I was clear on one thing—this is not a repeat. If it was, I will consider myself a failure. 10 years. It’s been 10 years with SK-II and PITERA™ Essence has always been there for me. Since the beginning till this day, SK-II is my Miracle Water. I think the first step of loving yourself starts with good skin. When you learn to love your skin, you learn to love yourself. PITERA™ Essence has changed my skin and life. It is irreplaceable to me, my one and only.”




“Doing this remake holds a lot of meaning for me. For over 7 years now, PITERA™ Essence has been a constant to me. It’s been my essential travel companion, work companion, giving me confidence that my skin will be at its best no matter the situation l am in. We’ve gone through a lot together. PITERA™ Essence is my skin’s best friend.”


Chloe Grace Moretz


“Here I am, almost 4 years, since the first ad for the Bare Skin Project, to share my PITERA™ story. My first PITERA™ Essence bottle gave me the courage to go bare skin in such a public way. Lately, my life has got really busy with filming. And that busyness hasn’t exactly been kind to my skin. But after a few years with PITERA™, I am pretty sure my skin will be able to stand up to the close scrutiny and I could pull off this remake.”



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