Sephora Malaysia now has a mobile shopping app

Beauty shopping has just gotten much easier but possibly more hazardous to our bank accounts and credit cards.
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We all have to admit that we are frequent shoppers at Sephora and as the digital savvy generation, popping over to its e-commerce site ( is a regular occurrence.

And now, things is about to get much easier because Sephora has launched its very own mobile shopping in Malaysia, which means we can be shopping for makeup, skincare and more on the go.

Aiming to revolutionise the "fast-beauty" trend, Sephora will also be having exclusive app-only discounts, flash sales and even early access to the latest beauty products for all.

While we are rejoicing for its convenience and enticing deals, we are also pre-mourning for our bank accounts and credit cards right now because a lot of clicks and swipes are about to happen! 

You can download the Sephora–Beauty Shopping app right now on Apple App and Google Play store.


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