#OwnTheParty with Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Black

Meet the coolest kids of the world (Taylor, Hailey, Cameron and more) and join in their Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Black party!
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Made for the stylish party-lovers of the world, the Carolina Herrera  212 VIP fragrance series is a universe of stunning scents that are the revolutionary spirit of the House.

And to celebrate the vivacious Carolina Herrera fragrances, the fashion mogul launched the "#OwnTheParty" campaign starring 14 of the coolest kids in fashion today including Hailey Baldwin, Cameron Dallas and Taylor Hill.

Along with them are  Xavi Serrano, Pepe Barroso Jr., Lucas Satherley, Raury, Aidan Walsh, Martínez Brothers, Steffy Argelich, Stav Strashko, Sonia Ben Ammar, Maria Borges and Inka William.

(Watch the film below)

#OwnTheParty with Carolina Herrera 212 VIP BLACK

And along with this campaign comes the brand new Carolina Herrera 212 VIP BLACK fragrance, a new masculine scent that brings a haze of sensuality and boldness to the fray.

Starting with a base of amber and wormwood, which opens up to a softer lavender nuance and merged with touches of vanilla and leather, the 212 VIP Black is "elixir of seduction, irresistible and reserved for the men who dare to wear it".

Aromatic, sensual and seductively charming, this is the fragrance that your male counterpart needs to put on for your delight (and the ladies can join in with the 212 VIP Rosé).

The Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Black fragrance and the rest of the 212 fragrance series is now available at all major department stores and beauty retailers in Malaysia.

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