Myth Busters: Debuffing 6 common myths about facial aesthetic treatments

Plagued by certain recurring doubts regarding facial aesthetic treatments that need some clarification? The myth busters at The Retreat Clinic are here to set the record straight.
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Yes, traditional facials are great. But when it comes to reducing physical flaws and enhancing your features, there is no denying that facial aesthetic treatments get the job done safely, effectively and instantly. They act like photo filters on your appearance but better because the beautifying results are actually translated into real life.

Despite becoming more socially acceptable today in Malaysia, there are some that are still not entirely bought over by the appeal of this alternative skin revolution. Apart from the misconceptions fuelled by Hollywood hype and Korean drama shows, the discreet nature of the business where one can achieve natural, younger and long-lasting results from just one successful treatment only raises more suspicions.

Here to keep some of those irrational fears and hesitations at bay, The Retreat Clinic professionals debunk six common myths about facial aesthetic treatments:

Myth #1: Facial aesthetic causes my face to look unnatural, swollen and expressionless.

It’s undeniable that some people have an overdone look on their face. But those are usually caused by excessive procedures. As long as the procedures are done with a trained doctor, you can achieve desirable results easily and still look natural.

A credible clinic will always first assess your condition to identify the right treatments required, and how many sessions you actually need for natural, subtle and fresh results. As a patient, it is best to lower your expectations if you are facing a more severe case, as it may need more than one session to slowly build the results you want without any unnatural effects.

Myth #2: Facial aesthetic is only for matured skin.

For the best results, prevention is always better than cure. Though troubled skin is possible to improve, signs of aging are harder to reverse. As we grow old, our skin elasticity declines which results in the appearance of lines and wrinkles, plus volume loss.

The famous Botox treatment paralyses your face muscle in small, safe amounts to delay the formation of wrinkles. Dermal fillers help to restore the loss in volume of your skin, making it look plumper and more youthful. With constant treatments, the total signs of aging could actually be delayed which makes it possible for you to look way younger than your age!

Myth #3: There is downtime after every treatment.

Most facial aesthetic treatments are non-invasive and have little to zero downtime. Patients who undergo these treatments can get back to their day-to-day routines without having to worry about extreme recovery – the side effects are mostly mild with minimal to no pain. After all, they are not called “lunchtime treatment” for nothing!

Myth #4: Aesthetic treatments will thin out the skin.

This is certainly not what FDA-approved treatments do to your skin as most of them target deeper skin layers which are unlikely to cause your skin to thin out.

While treatments like laser actually target to resurface the top layer of your skin, it also encourages collagen production underneath to help smoothen skin textures, reduce pigmentation, reduce lines and firm your skin. With just the right amount of treatment done, your skin will not be exposed to any harm. Plus, if there is a need for other rounds, your professional doctor will definitely advise on the frequency and amount of time you have to wait before another session.

Myth #5: Aesthetic treatment contains toxics that are harmful to your health.

This is why finding a credible clinic and experienced doctor should always be your top priority. In the hands of professionals, you can be rest assured that the treatments are safe. Besides just considering product quality, a hygienic clinical environment is crucial for you to undergo these procedures. Always go under the care of an experienced doctor who recommends you FDA- approved treatments to ensure the best, risk-free results.

FDA-approved treatments are definitely one of the greatest ways to help you decide. This is because once the treatment is granted this approval, it means that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has determined that the benefits actually outweigh the known-risk for intended use.

Myth #6: Once you start, you can’t stop...or you will look worse than before!

If we are talking about safe and FDA-approved treatments, then this is definitely not true. While the aesthetic effects can wear off, you certainly will not end up looking worse than before.

Treatments like Botox and dermal fillers are temporary and their effects will wear off eventually, but with regular treatment renewal, the effects of aging can be delayed over time. Treatments like lasers help to improve your skin condition almost instantly after the treatment without constant follow-ups.


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