Meet Foreo's latest cleansing device LUNA 3

Because a perfect skincare regimen starts with cleansing.
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Launching this July 2019, the Foreo LUNA 3 is the latest addition to the signature LUNA line of cleansing devices.

Powered by Foreo app, LUNA 3 is a smart facial cleansing and firming 2-in-1 device that takes hi-tech beauty care to the next level, promising a personalised firming and toning facial massage through its ultra-hygienic gentle cleanse to answer to different skin conditions including Sensitive Skin, Normal Skin and Combination Skin.


And more than just a cleansing device, LUNA 3 is also introduced as the new 'face workout' that lifts away impurities such as dirt, oil and excess sebum while giving your skin an exercise session with its advanced, softer touchpoints and pulsation.

No more worries about harsh cleansing and contributes to irritated skin with this softest skincare device in the world!

To find out more about Foreo LUNA 3, visit



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