Luxury fashion brands who debuted in the realm of cosmetics with fine lipsticks

From Gucci to Hermès, these fashion maisons are the newcomers to step into the beauty fray by dressing our pouts in this season’s most sought-after accessory: a luxe lipstick.
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Luxury fashion houses dabbling with beauty. Groundbreaking? Not exactly. Chanel and Dior, for one, were early pioneers of “the perfume strategy” after debuting the widely acclaimed Chanel No. 5 and Parfums Christian Dior back in 1921 and 1947 respectively.

Already considered to be way ahead of their time then, these two fashion-and-beauty juggernauts would soon diversify beyond designer perfumes and into scientific skincare and colour cosmetics which have celebrated great success through the decades.

From there, it was only a matter of time before the other reputable couture-based houses, such as Givenchy and YSL, as well as Burberry, made equally daring moves to chase progression beyond their core offerings to capitalise on their rich heritage coupled with the popularity of the beauty industry. And why wouldn’t they provide their existing customers with the breadth of products that appeases all their needs and wants, and simultaneously draws in potential customers who aspire to own a piece of the brand but at an accessible price point.

Fast forward to the present time, the beauty scene is relishing in significant growth while a plethora of fashion powerhouses are constantly pushing for innovation and actively broadening their product categories. In recent months, there has been a surge of high-end fashion labels looking to attain a bigger slice of the lucrative beauty pie. What is even more interesting to note is that they are making their debut in the realm of cosmetics with the one item every fashionista simply cannot go without - a good lipstick.

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Gucci Beauty

Which begs another question: why are lipsticks so indispensable? We know that a quick swipe of lipstick instantly transforms a bare face into a one flaunting a polished look. Apart from it being one of the most widely used beauty products, it is also a great base to set the precedence for future exciting releases. What’s more, just like discovering your favourite among a brand’s signature scents, there is no beating the appeal of finding your very own shade of lipstick, with the satisfaction of the unique and distinct click of its lid.

Gucci leads the pack with what various media outlets dubbed as “Comeback Of The Year”. After halting its makeup line back in 2015, Gucci Beauty shook the beauty scene in May 2019 when it rolled out a strong collection of lipsticks encompassing a whopping 58 shades backed by an unexpected campaign featuring provoking images of crooked and gapped teeth. Within the first month of its launch, the Italian fashion house went on to sell over one million units in addition to sparking a controversial but encouraging debate on conventional beauty standards.

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Jimmy Choo

Shortly after, footwear extraordinaire Jimmy Choo jumped on the lipstick bandwagon with the unveiling of its capsule collection of makeup and perfume. The new Seduction collection comprises nail polishes, fragrances and—you guessed it—ten seductive lipstick colours ranging from classy red, hot pink to more muted hues.

Its elegant nude-tinted casing with a dash of gold glitter along with the finishing touches of the JC monogram and iconic python print imprinted on each arguably make the prestige lipstick just as covetable as the house’s best-selling stilettos.

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Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera’s first foray into makeup too is nothing short of impressive. On top of putting out 36 lipsticks in three different finishes, the Herrera elegance is more attainable than ever as the brand takes customisable creations to the next level.

We are talking about wearable elements in the form of gilded cases, eye-catching tassels and unique charms—all offering endless possibilities to transform your lipstick into a ready-to-wear accessory or statement jewellery piece. Fundamentally, it is an extremely wearable product crafted with extreme precision to elevate both your lips and outfit at the same time.

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This year’s most groundbreaking entry in the world of lipsticks, however, goes to Hermès. For a legacy brand that has never played with makeup, dipping its toes in cosmetics has come as a welcome surprise. Its rouge collection made headlines for all the right reasons, offering a total 24 refillable shades which are strongly influenced by the brand’s incredible archive of leather and silk.

A sustainable tricoloured case by Pierre Hardy serving as a collectible item further complements the range while an accompanying lip brush, leather carry case and mirror doubling as a necklace adds to its luxury allure. And that’s not all. One can look forward to the unveiling of new products every six months from September 2020 onwards—hinting at bigger and more exciting things to come in the makeup space.



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