Interview: 7 questions with Sothys beauty trainer Cinthia Montoro

From skin hydration to skincare misconceptions, Cinthia Montoro shares her secret to perfect skincare and the new Sothys Hydra3Ha.™ range.
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Sothys re-invented its Hydra3Ha.™ range with NEW hydra-plumping complex, offering a three-dimensional hydration for our skin.

From restoring immediate hydration and ‘re-training’ the skin's ability to optimising its own hydration and protecting the skin against moisture loss, the new formula enhances the hydration that starts from deep within the skin cells at the gene level and all the way to the surface moisture barrier.

In celebration of its launch, we spoke to Cinthia Montoro, Sothys's beauty trainer, about the reformulated Hydra3Ha.™ range and her skincare tips.

What's new about this re-invented Hydra3Ha.™ and what makes it a must-have?

We have been changing and reformulating the Hydra3Ha.™ range for 6 times since 2003. As you can see we're very innovative with the Hydra programme. Every time we discover something new which is more efficient in skin hydration, we reformulate the products.

For this time, we re-invented two creams (Hydrating Youth and Hydrating Comfort Youth Cream) and one mask (Hydra-smoothing mask) from the Hydra3Ha.™ range.

We enriched the formula with the new Hydra Plumping Complex that contains even more hyaluronic acid and combine it with other components, which are also the elements in the natural moisturising factor that helps to retain water in the cell of our own skin.

How would you add this product to an existing skincare routine?

You can add it in easily whenever you're feeling or diagnosed with dehydrated skin. The cream we have is a daily essential for dehydration whilst the mask helps to boost your own production of hyaluronic acid. It is actually an endogenous way of providing hydration to our skin.


Aside from the Hydra range, are there any Sothys essentials we need?

All the products, actually. My favourite is the Wrinkle-Specific Youth Serum, but I change my favourite very often because we always have something new.

I really like the mask from this range because I travel a lot for my work and whenever I feel dehydrated (skin) because of the different weather, this mask helps as an immediate remedy.

Do you have any tips to enhance the effects of the skincare products we use?

Actually, for some of the Sothys products like the Perfect Shape Youth Serum, we have a specific gesture to help the serum penetrate into our skin, enhancing the action on face lifting and texture restoring.

But all the product will have the same effect with or without a massage. It's just something extra for your own skin wellness, like activating your skin and putting yourself in a relaxed mood for the products to be absorbed.

What do you think is the most common or biggest misconception about skincare?

I want to link this to the Hydra3Ha.™ range because the biggest misconception about hydration is a lot of people think that dehydrated skin means dry skin, which is not true.

Dry skin means you have lack of lipids and fats, your sebum production is not working properly. However, dehydrated skin is just a lack of water.

Many people go to a salon saying that they have dry skin, but it may be a different condition and they will need different treatments and products. That's why with Sothys, we have professional beauticians to carry out a thorough skin check before giving any advice and prescription for our guest.

Speaking of this, what are the respective consequences for dry and dehydrated skin?

Dry skin leads to the poor barrier function of our skin. When the barrier function is not working well, bacteria invade and this is when you get inflammation, redness and roughness.

For dehydrated skin, it brings damages on elasticity and radiance of skin. Also, well-hydrated skin prevents us from wrinkles and slows down skin ageing.

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