Exclusive: A Play Date with Bing Yu and Decorté Liposome

Join us and Tong Bing Yu to discover the beauty innovation of the Decorté Liposome series.
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A skincare expert renowned for its ultra-hydration qualities, Decorté is a label many applaud for its beauty innovation that gives women everywhere beautiful, moisturised and radiant skin.

And within the wide range of Decorté products, the Decorté Liposome series is the star of them all – especially the Moisture Liposome Pre Serum Hydration Booster and Liposome Treatment Liquid Hydration Lotion.

Using a formula that has been continuously perfect in the course of over 25 years, the iconic Liposome products is a force to be reckoned with!

In celebration of that, L'Officiel Malaysia partnered with Decorté to shoot an exclusive beauty film, featuring award-winning actress Tong Bing Yu (@tongbingyu), to show you more about the two star products.

Watch the video below for our play date with Bing Yu and Decorté:

Playtime with Bing Yu & Decorté Liposome
Moisture Liposome Pre-Serum Hydration Booster

A moisturising pre-serum made with over 25 years of research and innovation, the Moisture Liposome Pre-Serum Hydration Booster is a cult classic that needs to be part of your daily skincare routine.

Providing all-day hydration and is suitable for all skin types, this unique oil-free and alcohol-free formula is used as the first step of your daily routine to help optimise skin moisture balance and trigger your skin for further moisture absorption in the deeper layers of your skin.

With highly advanced microcapsules within the formula, it also helps to target and transport its nourishments into areas of your skin that require more attention than the others.


Liposome Treatment Liquid

After your pre-serum and moisturiser application, the Liposome Treatment Liquid is the go-to product to help lock-in all the moisture and nutrients in your skin.

The Liposome Treatment Liquid is made to promote better radiance and clarity of the skin that will last throughout the day.

With a lightweight, oil-free and paraben-free formula, it can also be used as a quick hydration mask for a quick boost for your skin clarity.

Rejuvenation, hydration and radiance enhancing packed into one single formula, the Liposome Treatment Liquid is the new generation of skincare product that is essential for all modern women.

BONUS: Did you know that you can now enjoy a complimentary quick hydration and clarity facial at all Decorté counters as a post-CNY-Valentine’s beauty treat?

Discover more about the Decorté Liposome now at


Videographer: Aun / Blink Studios
Styling: Calvin Chong
Makeup: Decorté
Hair: A Cut Above
Outfits: All from COS



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