Chanel Beauty flies us to Naples for Spring 2018

We can't wait to try the new Chanel lip powder.
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The birth city of Lucia Pica (Chanel Global Creative Makeup and Color Designer), Naples is a city of colour, culture, history and sensuality and it is now the inspiration of the latest Chanel Spring/Summer 2018 makeup collection.

From the landscapes of Vesuvius and the Phlegrean fields to the Neapolitan lifestyle and the vibrant colours of art in the city, Lucia sees a palette of luminous green, yellow, gold, red and black to create a powerful "volcanic" look.

And on our shopping list this season is:


The star of Chanel Beauty for Spring/Summer 2018, the Chanel Poudre à Lèvres is both a lipstick and lip balm but here's the twist… it comes in powder form!

Inspired by the colours and tempera technique of Pompeiian frescoes, this playful duo will create a blurred, painterly effect on your lips, all while keeping your lips moist and supple.

And it is now available in three shades – Rosa Tempera, Rosso Pompeiano and Rosso Parthenope.



Available in four chic shades of Parthenope, Sibylla, Poppea and Aphrodite, this new moisturising glossimer series is perfect juice up your for both day and night.

The minty Aphrodite is perhaps the best one of the four that we need.


On the eyes, Lucia brings a new limited edition eyeshadow palette to play – the Les 9 Ombres.

Exactly as the name indicates, the palette consists of 9 shades of bright, vibrant hues and muted hues that embodies the entirety of Naples.

For this, Lucia curated three shades of matte, satin and high-shine (totaling in 9) to give that perfect Neapolitan beauty journey.

Simply perfect!

The Chanel Spring/Summer 2018 collection is now available at all Chanel beauty counters and flagship boutiques including the Pavilion KL and Suria KLCC stores.

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