5 things you absolutely need for Lush Cosmetics in Pavilion KL

One of our favourite beauty brands have finally landed in Malaysia and we just can't rave enough about it!
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If you love bath bombs, then you will definitely know about Lush Cosmetics – the pioneer in creating luscious masterpieces for your senses.

And now it is time to rejoice because Lush Cosmetics has finally opened their first outpost in Malaysia, nestling itself in Pavilion KL Shopping Mall. That means we do not have to fly to Singapore, Hong Kong or London to score ourselves some Lush goodness (which are all 100% vegetarian and handmade!).

Bath bombs aside, there are plenty to lust for at Lush Cosmetics and we round up some of our favourites for your shopping delight.

Read on to find out what Lush Cosmetics products you need right now:

Rub Rub Rub

A cult favourite that will have your skin smooth like velvet, the Rub Rub Rub shower scrub is our personal favourite.

Made with a base of fine salt with ingredients like mimosa, jasmine and orange flower, Rub Rub Rub is a light shower scrub that can be used daily as a shower gel.

With its fine salt that gently exfoliates, the scrub is not too harsh for the skin and leaves a velvety finish that lasts for more than a few hours (personally, we think it lasts for two days!).

And the Rub Rub Rub is perfect to be paired with the Ocean Salt scrub, which is more coarse and can be used on a weekly basis.

Dream Cream

After a good scrub, a moisturising cream or lotion is a must for your skin and the Dream Cream is all we'd ever ask for.

Made with skin-soothing ingredients like cocoa butter, olive oil and oat milk, the cream is made for those with sore and dry skin.

For the Dream Cream, there are two editions now – one is the original Dream Cream and the other is the Dream Cream (Self-Preserving).

Unlike the original, the Self Preserving edition is made without synthetic-preservatives and rebalanced formula for thicker and richer texture.

PS: This particular cream is a great alternative for those suffering from eczema conditions.

Fresh Face Mask

From body, now we move on to our face and if there's one facial product we would die for at Lush, it is their range of Fresh Face Masks.

Concoted fresh every week and shipped from their workshops in Japan, Australia and London, the Lush Fresh Face Masks are made free of preservatives (which makes it only have a shelf-life of 3 weeks after purchase).

Using a variety of whole fruits, vegetables and natural minerals including coffee, blueberries, garlic and even honey, the Fresh Face Masks is a series created to rejuvenate, refresh and heal your skin.

Personally, we love the Catastrophe Cosmetic (an antioxidant-rich blueberry and calamine mask) and the Brazened Honey (made with nourishing honey and protein-rich eggs) to reduce redness and irritation on your face; and for deep cleansing, respectively.


Lush Tip: Did you know that if you bring back 5 used Lush pots, you can get one Lush Fresh Face Mask of your choice for free!


Another great addition for your beauty cupboard is a good shaving soap, especially for the ladies who don't want to wax.  

Among the three available at Lush Cosmetics, the D'Fluff strawberry shaving soap is perfect for women to use for their underarm, legs and other "parts" (and not just because of the sweet delectable scent).

Velvety and luscious when applied on your skin, the rich shaving soap helps reduce burns and cuts when shaving – like a woman's variation of men's aftershave.

Shower Jellies

While its range of soaps is a signature for Lush, we are now rather obsessed with the Shower Jellies.

Made with a softening seaweed gel base with a mix of fruity extracts, essential oils and vitamin-rich juices, you can lather that wobbly blob of jelly over your skin for a fun shower time.

Think of them as jellybeans and gummi bears for shower. Our pick now is the new Santa's Belly – just in time for the coming festive season!

Get your favourite Lush products now at the first Malaysian Lush Cosmetics boutique on Level 4 of Pavilion KL now.



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