5 best facial sculpting tools to keep you looking sharp

All you need is a bit of diligence, as the beauty world is flocking towards back-to-basic manual beauty tools to elevate their skincare routine.
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The origins of the modern-day popularised facial roller or face sculpting tool date back to as far as ancient Chinese history with the healing practice of “gua sha” – a sweeping or rather scraping method to contour the face, neck, and body with a flat tool made traditionally of bone or jade.

Vanity aside, it was primarily used to address chronic pain symptoms and stagnant energy, called “chi”, in the body that practitioners believe to be the root for inflammation. This repeated motion is thought to help break up this energy, reduce swelling, and invigorate healing.

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It’s no surprise that the primitive tool has landed its foot in the beauty realm, with countless celebrity makeup artists, beauticians, and skincare gurus swear by the results. Studies show that gua sha causes an increase in microcirculation, perfect for speeding collagen production, evening up skin tone, and retaining a youthful glow, not to mention the effectiveness of de-puffing.

With both mass and independent brands jumping on board, the category has evolved to having these crafting tools in varied forms and using an array of precious gemstones and other materials to aid in stimulating the dermis.

Here, we’ve rounded up the best face sculpting tools that target your skin needs at home and make a great companion to tag along with on travels. It also doesn’t hurt that they look aesthetically pleasing on your countertop.

1586242295682003 shen sculpt lift facial tool zamac alloy


What may seem to resemble a miniature bottle opener is, in fact, a handy apparatus, that fits comfortably in your wallet. Shen Beauty founder Jessica Richard’s firm, radiant skin is a result of her latest invention. Made out of zamac (from the family of alloy), it is highly resistant to corrosion in comparison to moulded plastic products, and is rather environmental-friendly, as it releases no pollutants into the air.

For a sturdy grip, you could place your index finger to better control the amount of pressure applied when relieving stress in facial muscles.


Available on Goop.

1586242526668153 angela caglia rosebud eye treatment


With the tissue around our eyes being the thinnest, it calls for extra care. Renowned celebrity facialist Angela Caglia’s eye treatment set is tailored for that exact purpose. Its dome-shape buds and smoothly polished surface gently stimulates the lower and upper eyelid.

Not only is it a functional tool to help de-puff, boost circulation, and improve elasticity, there is, in fact, an added spiritual element, as rose quartz is said to purify and open the heart at all levels. Doesn’t it sound like a great way to dial down and shower yourself with love after a weary day?


Available on Net-a-Porter.

1586242655977311 susanne kaufmann obsidian face roller


Besides from white to rose quartz that is made widely available, Susan Kaufmann directs her attention to hand-cut black obsidian stone. The gem has powerful metaphysical properties that will help shield you against negativity – that something that we all want to steer clear of.

If consistently used, it is also believed to boost Vitamin C and D absorption and strengthen connective tissues. Feeling generous? Perhaps share these beauty hacks with a loved one. The handle is carved from fine nut wood (for that rustic vibe), and it comes in a leather and satin pouch for that high touch.


Available on Net-a-Porter.

1586242719116813 mount lai jade textured facial roller


Looking for that extra bit of sensation, Mount Lai’s jade textured facial roller help products penetrate deeper into the skin. What a way to shake off facial and jaw tensions, especially during days with groggy sleep.

This would surely wake up the muscles and give you that instant “flush-blush” look. To complete the experience, keep yours in the fridge for extra de-puffing action.


Available on Sephora.

1586242883978020 refa caxa ray face roller


Japanese brand ReFa known for its cutting-edge, alienesque silhouette products, brings us ‘CAXA RAY’ – a facial tool with platinum-coated spheres that helps minimise puffiness and enhance the appearance of bone structure.

Its water-resistant design makes it convenient for use in the shower, suitable for a morning routine with limited time. One thing we’ve noticed is that people merely focus on the face. By massaging both your neck and chest, you are then able to properly drain your lymph nodes and discard the unwanted toxins.


Available on Net-a-Porter.



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