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Wing Shya, Lea Colombo and more for #McQueenCreators

With the world #StayingIn amidst the uncalm, Alexander McQueen is taking its creative community online.
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Alexander McQueen announces #McQueenCreators, a digital campaign aspires to strengthen the bond of its community amidst the uncalm. Each week, #McQueenCreators will carry out an interactive project on Instagram, featuring artists around the globe and you.

From silhouette drawing to the know-how of couture, #McQueenCreators inspires its global citizens to create along, using whatever comes to hand.

After creating prints, revisiting its archive and sketching silhouette with artist Howard Tangye, Alexander McQueen and photographers from different parts of the world curate #McQueenNature, as Mother Earth reclaims its beauty and harmony.

Through the lens of Wing Shya, Luis Alberto Rodriguez, Virginie Khateeb and more, the wonder of nature is captured and remembered in frames. And at the same time, Alexander McQueen is inviting its community to be a part of this project.

Discover the nature around you, take a picture of it, and publish your photo on Instagram with @AlexanderMcQueen #McQueenCreators and #McQueenNature tags.


Swipe the gallery to discover #McQueenNature: 

Visit to find out more.



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