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Stay At Home: 5 ways Malaysian influencers are keeping us entertained

From Instagram Live workouts to TikTok skits and insightful podcasts, here's how you can keep yourself busy during the Malaysia Movement Control Order.
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It is the second day of the Malaysia Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia for COVID-19 and as we continue to work from home, we can't help but feel stifled and lonesome (especially for those living alone).

Lucky for us, in this social media age, there are plenty of ways to keep ourselves distracted and busy for the coming two weeks of self-confinement, which leads us to this roundup today. Since the start of the MCO on 18th March 2020, Malaysian social influencers and personalities are still going full-force on their social platforms (Instagram, YouTube, TikTok etc.) to create content and interact with us.

So whether you need a morning workout before work or need a Podcast to accompany you as you type your emails and proposals or just light-hearted content to keep yourself positive, we have the perfect list for you below!



We know and love her content on Instagram and YouTube but we are even more obsessed with her on her newly established TikTok account (@soimjenn.57) where Jenn bares all her quirky antics to give us a good laugh. Something we definitely need to brighten up our day, especially when we work isolated at home now.

Our favourite so far, her take of the "Any Song" challenge (which can cause a couple to break up) or the "Karma's a b*tch" challenge where things might not be what it seems!



When you are busy typing away on your computer (desktop/laptop), sometimes it might be too quiet when you're alone and music just doesn't cut it anymore to break the silence. In comes the wonder of Podcasts and Maggy Wang and Vanessa Tevi does it just right with their Podcast "Head Over Heels (@theheadoverheels)", where it, as she puts it, "explores what it’s like to be a modern Asian woman navigating through life".

Whether it is about the love-hate relationship with social media or falling out of friendships and breaking the stigma against single mums, the girls dish it out – no bars held. Definitely an insightful and entertaining way to keep your mind bright and fresh throughout the day. Personally we prefer YouTube because you can see how the girls are in motion but when at work, Spotify and Apple Podcasts might be better.


You can tune in on Spotify, YouTube & Apple Podcasts.



Need to get your work out on and your booty popping even during MCO and at the confines of your own home. You're in luck because fitness advocate Yi Ping (@yipingteo) is here to save the day with her Instagram Live workout session.

Started on the first day of MCO, Yi Ping and her friends (@teambootypopping) hosted a live workout session on Instagram where you can join in for an hour of intense workout without the need of leaving your home. All you need is an exercise mat, weights (or water bottles) and a resistance band (optional and for extra intensity).

While we do not know when the next session will be (we hope soon!), you can follow her on Instagram for the latest updates!



Started by the Ming Brothers, TheMingThing is pretty much like our own Malaysian version of Buzzfeed or Fine Brothers, where you can watch a variety of content in one single channel – be it comedy sketches, lifestyle challenges or insightful short films.

So sit back relax and binge-watch the many contents you can find there! Of course, we encourage these to those who aren't working from home or do it after you clock-out for the day. In any case, who's to decide but yourself. It is your discretion (wink).



Living alone and craving for human interaction, Instagram Live and Stories is the perfect way as your MCO coping mechanism. As we are all indoors, many social influencers have taken to going live to interact and spend time with their followers.

From Daphne Charice (@daphnecharice) hosting a live karaoke session and Juwei's (@juweiteoh) daily shenanigans to a live cooking session with Maggy Wang (@themaggywang) and random-play-sing with Chron Fuying (@chronfuying), your life will be just a little noisier, perkier and happier than it was before.

The best part about Insta-Live? You don't know what to expect and when it hits! Perfect to keep you on your toes.


PSA: In light of the Malaysia Movement Control Order, from 18th to 31st March 2020, we strongly urge all Malaysians to stay home and stay safe. Please do not head outside or gather in crowds unless it is absolutely necessary. Let us flatten the curve together!


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