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The Assassination of Gianni Versace: What we know so far?

Penélope Cruz as Donatella Versace is uncanny, yet so captivating. 17th Jan 2018 needs to be here right now.
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His first season of American Crime Story, titled "The People v. O. J. Simpson", was a TV success and now, Ryan Murphy is back with the second season that focuses of the tale of "The Assassination of Gianni Versace".

Always with a knack for taking the controversial and recreate it in form of a TV series, Ryan Murphy takes the tale of Gianni Versace's murder, based on Maureen Orth’s 1999 fictional novel "Vulgar Favors: Andrew Cunanan, Gianni Versace, And The Largest Failed Manhunt In US History", to create yet another masterpiece.

And now, the first official trailer has arrived and we can't wait for its arrival in January 2018! 

Watch the trailer below and read on as we will dissect what we know of this riveting series so far.


American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace Full Trailer
"I will not allow that man, that nobody, to kill my brother twice."

The first we've heard of this series was the casting of Penélope Cruz as the young Donatella Versace.

While we were apprehensive at first, the trailer proved to us that she is indeed the perfect cast for the role. Sorry for doubting, Ryan.

Her first line as Donatella has us going gaga over her role. She says in her thick Italian accent, "He was a creator, he was a genius. I will not allow that man, that nobody, to kill my brother twice."


It's going to be very, very, very twisted

Like any other Ryan Murphy series (think American Horror Story, not Glee), things are going to be very, very, very dark and twisted.

The drama is on full throttle, with doves and gunshots, and the glossy twisted essence appears to be at its finest.

Kickstarting the trailer with a scene of getting someone's face wrapped in duct tape is plenty twisted.

Not to mention, the amount of sexual tension and seduction to be expected within.  

Darren is a very convincing psychopath

A dive and heartthrob in the musical series Glee, Darren Criss proves to us that he is indeed a talented actor.

Playing the role of the serial killer Andrew Cunanan in the series, who killed Gianni Versace at his Miami mansion, Darren is a very convincing psychopath.

While we want our cute and huggable Darren back, this side of Darren is actually quite hot! Watch it to believe it.

Addressing social issues and Gianni's HIV status

What would a Ryan Murphy series be without addressing social and political issues?

Like its OJ Simpson series that looked into racial topics, this new season will focus on homosexuality, homophobia and America's relationship with LGBTQ.

According to Ryan, there will be an entire episode that talks about the Clinton-era “don’t ask, don’t tell” military policy.

Also, the series will also address the designer's alleged HIV status.

He says, "“I think the Versaces (the family) will like some of what we do […] I think it’s moving and powerful and I don’t think there should be any shame associated with HIV."

It's going to be in reverse timeline

That's right. For this series, the story will be told backwards, with the first episode opening with the murder of Gianni Versace.

On this, Ryan says, "We’re telling the story backwards. The first episode deals with the murder and we tell the story in reverse."

And we have also heard that a great amount of research has been done to ensure the accuracy of the story-telling including the backpack that Cunanan had and what his shoelaces looked like during the event.

And some of the scenes are even shot in Versace's actual house in Miami, which is now a hotel.

And to wrap it up, let's talk about the rest of the cast, which includes Edgar Ramirez and Ricky Martin.

Edgar is slotted to be Gianni Versace himself. While there are minimal scenes of him in the trailer, The Girl on the Train star has proven to be quite the actor.

There's, of course, Ricky Martin who is playing Antonio D’Amico, Gianni's longtime partner and former designer of Versace's sports line.

Another to highlight is Max Greenfield, formerly of American Horror Story: The Hotel, who is playing as Gianni's older brother Santo.

With a lineup, this strong, our expectations of the series is high and fingers crossed that Ryan will deliver once again. 

Editor's Note: Versace has released a statement saying that Versace family has neither authorized nor had any involvement whatsoever in the forthcoming TV series about the death of Mr Gianni Versace. Hence, this TV series should only be considered as a work of fiction. 


American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace will premier on 17th January 2018 on FX.



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