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Cartier to open bookstore, record store and café in Singapore

This marks the largest Cartier pop-up activation in Southeast Asia, which is a three-way studio space to celebrate the Clash de Cartier collection.
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2019 is truly a fantastic year for the house of Cartier as it continuously hosts spectacular exhibitions and projects around the world – from Beijing's exhibition in the Palace Museum to Tokyo's exploration of high jewellery.

Now Cartier is back for another activation – this round is set to focus on the Clash de Cartier collection and will see the Maison taking over Singapore with a multisensorial studio, featuring a bookstore, a music record store and a café!

Set to open its doors to the public from 15th to 17th November 2019 at STPI Creative Workshop & Gallery in Robertson Quay, the studio space will be dubbed the Clash de Cartier Studio.

1572840442486587 clash de cartier studio overview image1572840462465040 bookstore

At the Clash de Cartier studio, the Maison wants to bring an interactive “Clash” journey for its guests and this begins with a simple questionnaire to determine which room to start with – the Bookstore or Record store.

Within the bookstore will feature an array of literature in varying genres, content and themes, curated specifically display the theme of contradictions  – the core DNA of the Clash de Cartier. Here is also where you can conduct a simple personality test to determine their “Clash” alter ego personality, which will be translated into a personalised Haiku poem crafted by the Haiku poets stationed within the room and typed by an old school typewriter.

Of course, it will be gifted to you as a memento of the visit!

1572840469618626 record store 2 vinyl shelf

If you scored the quiz to start your "Clash" journey with the Record Store, then rejoice because you will be immersed in a Clash de Cartier music playlist curated by leading French sound designer, Michel Gaubert, which you can even access via Spotify!

Following the two spaces, a selection of spaces are created for you to get that perfect #OOTD taken including an optical illusion space where guests can view things upside down and another where guests can get their portraits printed with specially created elements, centering on key product codes of Clash de Cartier from gold to the word, “Clash”, designed by renowned French author and artist, Thomas Lélu.

1572840474815819 cafe

And finally, to finish off the journey with a spectacular note, you get to adjourn to the Clash de Cartier café to enjoy a set of complimentary “Clash” pastry and drink. Within the café, you can also pick between two space to sit down and enjoy your refreshments.

Embodying the Clash's contrasting attitude (remember Kaya Scodelario in the campaign film?), the café is split in half where one side features local decor inspired by Singapore and the other highlighting contemporary European metallic design.

And a tip to music lovers, be sure to visit during the evening between 6 PM to 9 PM because Cartier will also host a local DJ performance at the café to liven up the night schedule!

1572840498284023 facade night

The Clash de Cartier Studio will be open to public from 15 to 17 November 2019 at STPI Creative Workshop & Gallery (41 Robertson Quay, Singapore 238236).

Visitors are advised to register and RSVP their preferred timeslot prior to avoid long queues.

Pre-registration of an hourly session is available at from 25th October 2019 onwards.



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