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20+ K-Pop idols that aced the Halloween game

Pick your fighter and may the best one win!
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Photo courtesy: Instagram @smtown @twicetagram

It is the time of the year and Halloween in K-Pop scene sees a cult evolution in recent years. With the help of their marvellous styling team, Korean idols bring the Halloween dress up game to the next level from top to toe.

From SM Entertainment's Halloween party to Twice's Halloween fan meeting and other idols' many performances and events, the artists' costumes and looks are definitely some to applaud for including iconic characters like The Joker, Annabelle, Harley Quinn, The Avengers, The Simpsons and even Harry Potter.

 Here we listed down xx Korean artists who have aced the spooky game:

SHINee Key

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Photo courtesy: Instagram @smtown

TWICE Dahyun

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Photo courtesy: Instagram @twicetagram

Super Junior Heechul and Kwon Yuri

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Photo courtesy: Instagram @yulyulk


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Photo courtesy: Instagram @official_g_i_dle

TWICE  Tzuyu

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Photo courtesy: Instagram @twicetagram

Red Velvet

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Photo courtesy: Instagram @smtown

Girls Generation Taeyeon

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Photo courtesy: Instagram @smtown

EXO Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin

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Photo courtesy: Instagram @twicetagram


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Photo courtesy: Twitter @OfficialMonstaX


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Photo courtesy: Instagram @weki_meki


1572505255611457 screenshot 2019 10 31 at 3.00.30 pm
Photo courtesy: Youtube BANGTANTV


1572505445820724 screenshot 2019 10 31 at 3.03.38 pm
Photo courtesy: Youtube Official fromis_9


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