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8 lesser-known facts to upgrade your status as a Blackpink stan

It's 8th August and the third anniversary for the legendary Blackpink. Are you a hardcore stan of the girls?
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Taking over the world with their hit songs like Ddu-du Ddu-du and Kill This Love, Blackpink has risen to be one of the most successful K-pop groups of the world and today marks the group's 3rd anniversary since their debut on 8th August 2016.

Debuted with aplomb and applauded as a "Monster Rookie", Blackpink has since won countless awards and also currently holds the YouTube titles of "1st Ever K-Pop Group MV To Hit 900 Million Views" and "3rd Most Viewed Video in 24 Hours" (as of today).

So, if you are new to the Blackpink fandom, here are 8 lesser-known facts about Blackpink you need to know to upgrade your status as a Blackpink stan aka BLINK!

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Did you know that before the girls made their debut as Blackpink, Jennie (@jennierubyjane) and Rosé (@roses_are_rosie) has entered the scene as the duet partner of their Big Bang senior, G-Dragon (GD, @xxxibgdrgn).

Jennie partnered with GD in the latter's second solo album for the hit song BLACK, while Rosé's vocals are found in WITHOUT YOU, which is part of G-Dragon's "One Of A Kind" EP album. Check it out here:

Fun fact: Jennie also appears as the female lead inside GD's music video for That XX.

G-DRAGON: BLACK (Feat.Jennie Kim) at Inkigayo
G-DRAGON: Without You (feat. Rosé of BLACKPINK) FAN MV


While it is rarely updated, true BP stans are still subscribed to LiliFilm Official, which is Lisa's personal YouTube channel, where she documents her travels around the world with her girls and a way for her to show her creative side which includes filming and film photography.

From Japan to the United States, this is where you can get a personal account of the Blackpink journey and also where you can witness Lisa's on-point creative direction and her love for photography and film (see it below).



For all Malaysian BLINKS, we have something we are very proud of and that is the girls love our Malaysia's very own Super Ring snacks.

Back when the group travelled to Malaysia for their two-day concert as part of Blackpink World Tour (In Your Area) 2019, Jisoo and Jennie took some time off after the concert to check out our local 7-11 store and revealed their love for Super Ring (a ring snack manufactured by Oriental Food Industries) in their World Tour video diary – Blackpink Diaries.

Catch the moment in the video below at 07:35:



Among the four members, Jisoo is the one who appeared on TV most for her side gigs – most notably as the host of the popular SBS music show INKIGAYO. She has also appeared on Producers in 2015 before her official debut as Blackpink.

Since her debut as Blackpink, many fans have voiced their support for her to return to the small screen and it came true this 2019 where she appeared in the recent hit Korean TV drama, Arthdal Chronicles, which has premiered exclusively on Netflix on June 2019.

The show features the industry's biggest names like Soong Joong Ki, Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ji Won.

Watch it on Netflix now.

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Source: Instagram @nail_unistella


On beauty, one of the most loved things about Blackpink (looks and makeup aside) is their stunning nail art like the jewel-studded nails on Lisa in Ddu-du Ddu-du or the rainbow sequined nails on Jisoo in As If It's Your Last.

And the genius behind Blackpink's nail art since debut is none other than Park Eunkyung (@nail_unistella) who has done their nails, not only for music videos, but also for fan meetings, magazine covers and even holidays!


1565370193521212 screen shot 2019 08 10 at 1.02.30 am
Source: Instagram @lesyeuxdenini


Unlike many K-pop groups from other agencies, most YG artists including Blackpink all have personal social media accounts, notably Instagram to offer a personal look into the life of the stars.

The four – Jennie (@jennierubyjane), Rosé (@roses_are_rosie), Lisa (@lalalalisa_m) and Jisoo (@sooyaaa__) – officially part of the top 10 most followed K-Pop artists on Instagram in just months after they created their accounts, which has over 70 million followers in total.

And recently, Jennie has decided to take a more personal route by starting a second account (@lesyeuxdenini), which translates to “the eyes of Nini” in French, to show another side of her life – a more private and creatively curated feed through her lens, which includes film photography, a hobby shared by the four.


As the main vocal of Blackpink, Rosé is known to be one of the best vocalists in the scene that can even melt your soul.

And she is also sought after by many for her voice including the legendary K-Pop solo artist I.U, who is also known for her otherworldly voice, who has expressed her love for Rosé since her early debut days in 2017 and voiced her wish to collaborate with Rosé, which we are still waiting for it to happen (this and also her long-awaited solo debut!).

Watch Rosé covers one of I.U's hit singles "You & I" on Weekly Idol below:



IU - "You & I" Cover by BLACKPINK ROSE [Weekly Idol Ep 310]


As a global phenomenon who has made their US debut recently in a list of famous American TV shows and their debut performance at Coachella, it comes with no surprise that Blackpink is loved by countless designers and brands.

First, we have Jennie who has continuously worked with Chanel for a long list of projects. From wearing Chanel in her "Solo" MV debut and her live performances to attending Chanel events and runway shows, it is safe to say that she is the Chanel poster child in Asia.

Then we also have Lisa, who is among the first stars (alongside Lady Gaga) to be seen with the coveted Celine Le 16 Bag and attended the recent Celine debut menswear show.

As for Jisoo and Rosé, they have worked with Coach on several occasions like the Coach Shanghai show. Other brands who have worked with the girls include Cartier and Michael Kors.

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Source: Coach

So, do you know all these little things about Blackpink?

If you do, congratulations! We stan a passionate BLINK!



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