Gucci Places is the new must-have travel app

Get your passport ready and time to go on a Gucci-approved vacation in September.
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After venturing into the world of interiors and home decor, Gucci is stepping into another new territory – travel technology – with the new Gucci Places mobile app.

That's right! Gucci lovers now have a new travel app to look to when they are in the mood for a unique holiday experience, which will be also curated by Alessandro Michele himself.

So say goodbye to standard trip advisor apps because now, you can immerse yourself in a Gucci-approved holiday filled with exciting new experiences, which is set to launch in September 2017.

And it highlights a unique function that alerts users whenever they are near a "Gucci Place", which can be a Gucci art installation (like the one in New York) or any Gucci-approved restaurants and hotels

When at a "Gucci Place", users can also check-in to the location to score various badges or read about the history of the place itself.

Also watch out for regular features, listicles, guides and stories that are written by various freelance journalists and special guests to show you the best of the world that Gucci has to offer including trendy hotels, superb dining and outstanding hidden locations.

And the best part of it all is the new Gucci Courrier collection featuring two new unique patches: one is the Chatsworth's Ducal Coronet and Snake Logo and the other a bee motif dug up from the House's 1970s archives, which will go on to represent Gucci Places. 

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Set to launch in September, the Gucci Places app will be available in both Apple and Google Play Store.



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