In style With Montblanc's #MY4810 luggage

Montblanc’s creative director, Zaim Kamal, talks travel and explains why the brand’s new #MY4810 Trolley in silver is “second to none”
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Berlin seems like an unexpected destination for the launch of Montblanc’s new travel products...

On a few levels, Berlin reflects the products being launched. Berlin has always been a creative destination and a hodgepodge for travel. Nick Cave and David Bowie lived in Berlin, got inspired by the city and made music here. It has also been 30 years since the Berlin Wall came down, removing the blockade between East and West. Obstructions were lifted it this is a good way to celebrate the concept of travel.


There are always varying preferences when it comes to luggage. What makes you confident that the #MY4810 will have a broad appeal? 

There are three things. The wheels are second to none - such that the luggage almost dances. There is also a multi-stop handle. And finally, the leather details. When you put all these together, it makes the user able to make the luggage his or her own. You can use it the way you want to. The appeal is not in an instructive way, and you can use it how you wish to.

There are two big rituals when it comes to luggage: packing and unpacking. We are always packing and unpacking, and the luggage is a very constant thing in our lives. Some people say they have a better relationship with their luggage than with their bed. Because when you have to carry something with you all the time, that’s when you bond with it.

Montblanc’s creative director, Zaim Kamal (second from left)

Do you think that women will also like it?

I don’t see a difference. As long as you can roll it, you will be able to use it well. At Montblanc, we don’t instruct on whether the user should be a man or a woman, whether he or she should be young or old. Anyone is welcome to use it in the way that you like.


What can you say about the leather details found on the luggage?

We are a leather Maison, and the corners of the luggage have leather details inspired by vintage luggage. 

Poppy Delevingne with the #MY4810

What are some of your habits when packing for trips?

Before I used the trolley, I always used to carry a duffel that would be with me when I left for trips on Monday, and got back on Friday. I was influenced by my grandfather, who used to travel by boat with all his trunks. He had a ritual, which was to always lay things out. I’m also very precise when it comes to packing. I put my tops and my pants in exactly the same way each time, if not, I will forget something. And even if it’s just a one-night stay, I will definitely unpack and pack my things.


Do you have any pet peeves when it comes to travel accessories?

I think it’s the same as most people: having a suitcase on wheels that squeaks or doesn’t go straight. Nine of 10 people want to change the wheels on their luggage. 

Peggy Gou at Montblanc’s #Reconnect2theWorld event in Berlin

Consumer expectations seem to be very high when it comes to buying a luggage...

Yes, and that is why, should it ever break, or if the sides get scuffed, the trolley can be repaired in any Montblanc store. But the product is one of durability and longevity. 


Beside luggage, what do you always have with you when you travel? 

I always have a sketch book and pencil, my writing instruments and duffel. Other than that, I have a pocket card holder, which is a special gold coloured one. That accessory has seen quite a lot of the world. I also love boots, and I have two pairs with me this time.

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Medium Large and Pilot size

The #MY4810 trolley is available in a silver colour and five sizes including the Medium Large (51 x 76 x 29 cm), Medium Small, Cabin with Front Pocket, Cabin and Pilot (43 x 40 x 22 cm).

Key Features of the #MY4810

  • Polycarbonate shell with leather trims and luggage tag.
  • Multi-stage system to change the bar height easily.
  • Leather patch available in black, red and blue – so you can personalize the trolly with your initials.
  • An embedded TSA lock to keep your belongings safe.
  • Ball-bearing wheels with 360-degree rotation.
  • A dedicated space for power bank is available on cabin trolleys, enabling you to charge while on the go.



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