Women Who Walk Ahead: Tengku Chanela Jamidah

Second on our "Women Who Walk Ahead" series is Tengku Chanela, whose passion for boutique cosmetics translated into a new venture as she rolled out the Dida brand.
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Blazer, shirt and trousers, Dior. Coat, COS.

It is no secret that Tengku Chanela Jamidah (@tcjamidah) is quite the fashionista. Every social event she graces is like another runway spectacle that she’s headlining. 

Every ensemble she sports is as chic as the look from a tear sheet of a fashion handbook, which in 2015 turned into a lookbook of her own clothing label Thavia

Always on the lookout for the latest trend, her passion for boutique cosmetics translated into a new venture for the Pahang royal as she rolled out her own beauty offerings under the Dida brand.

(Photo: @thaviathelabel)

Do you remember the first time you discovered fashion and makeup?

As I was growing up, I didn’t realise that I was into fashion, but I remember ransacking my mother’s closet and going through her extensive collection of costume jewellery. I remember being in awe of her every time she paired the pieces with those Gianfranco Ferré and Escada pantsuits; I was so into the details of every piece, which is what Thavia is all about…the details.


What was the idea behind the founding of Thavia?

My partner and I, we both noticed that in our market there were blogshops and there’s the big luxury fashion but nothing in between. So we wanted to create something that’s more accessible, along the street-style kind of spectrum. We wanted to show that you could achieve that high street/luxe look without breaking the bank. Thavia carries classic pieces with a little bit of on-trend twist.

What would you say your style aesthetic is?

Effortless in a sense that I always go with the model off-duty look. My dayto-day get-ups are super casual, super light and comfortable. I’m not too feminine; I don’t like prints and I don’t like anything that’s too busy. But I do like to get a little edgy and expressive when I go to events. That’s when I really dress up.

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What’s the one recent fashion trend that you are obsessed with and one that you cannot stand?

I love everything that’s Paloma Wool. She incorporates artistic and creative elements into the making of her pieces. They’re effortless and yet artistic. Her aesthetic is quite similar to Jacquemus, another designer that I love, but it’s a toned-down Jacquemus. That’s also the direction that I’m leaning to for Thavia. As for the trend that I can’t stand, it’s definitely the ugly chic trend. I really hate it.

(Photo: @didaforwomen)

What has been the high point of your career so far?

Definitely seeing people from all across the world wearing the Thavia pieces. We even had stylist Rachael Wang, whose followers include big social influencers like Chiara Ferragni, feature a Thavia piece in one of her projects.

For Dida, hitting that seven-figure revenue and making a brand that people feel engaged and related to, it’s something that we never thought we could achieve.

Cover Photo Credits

Photography: Chintoo 
Styling: Jeffrey Yan
Makeup: Khir Khalid
Hair: Juno Ko
Styling Assistant: Joyce Fan



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