The PWRHOUSE vision: Han Pin and Yi Ping on the power of health and fitness

As society evolves and adapts to the current climate, so does the fitness world and PWRHOUSE is taking on the digital approach to fitness.
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Regular faces in the social scene, we have all come to know Han Pin Ma (@hanpinma) and Yi Ping Teo (@yipingteo) as major fitness enthusiasts – both having taught plenty of classes and workshops in KL.

And now, the two have partnered up and kickstarted a new fitness establishment – PWRHOUSE ( –, which they describe as "a safe space for growth, change and empowerment". And to welcome this new vision to our lives, we have both of the founders talk to us more about their new venture and a special exercise video exclusive to L'Officiel Malaysia to show you what PWRHOUSE.


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What is PWRHOUSE and what can we expect from this platform?

The fitness scene in Malaysia is continuously growing, and we want to play an active part in changing the perception of fitness through the transformative power of movement.

PWRHOUSE is all about building positive habits, encouraging a healthier lifestyle and creating a lasting impact on everyone. There are a lot of individuals out there who are afraid or do not know much about fitness, so we welcome people of all levels, and we try to incorporate fun and exciting workouts that will eventually lead to a permanent change in lifestyle.


Can you tell us about how this platform was founded?

PWRHOUSE was founded by a group of fitness enthusiasts who share the same passion, vision and beliefs. We want to create a safe space for growth, change and empowerment through our combined experiences. Our mission is to connect people with the same goals, interests, and collectively create an environment for personal transformation. 

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As we continue practising social distancing and health precautions, how does PWRHOUSE come into the picture to get everyone to participate?

We understand the difficulties to continue moving and staying positive during this pandemic. However, it is a great time for people to take a step back and reflect upon their lives.

At PWRHOUSE, we believe you can change your life by training the mind and strengthening the body, which will essentially allow you to unleash your inner power. Your mind has the power to achieve anything, but only if you want to create the change. We’re in a business that cares about sharing positivity, growth and connections - and through it, we build a community experience through workouts.


As a budding platform, what is the PWRHOUSE vision?

PWRHOUSE is not just a place, a mat, or a bike it’s a lifestyle, it’s an experience, its a commitment. There are strength and power in numbers. We believe in investing, encouraging, empowering every single individual, team and company. Always leading, continuously innovating and dreaming big - all powered through fitness.


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How are your trainers/instructors selected for the job?

We look for charismatic souls with vibrant energies, motivating, creative attitudes and a strong passion for fitness. We cultivate a culture of yes, powered by individuals who see opportunities in times of adversities.

We want team players, positive forces - essentially a role model to anyone and everyone. 


How do you keep yourself motivated to power on with fitness regimes?

PING: Fitness is really a mind, body and soul connection. In order to do or achieve anything, you have to challenge yourself in ways you never thought you could, and it starts with a strong mindset. That’s really where you discover things about yourself you never knew.

Every day is a brand new start and opportunity never stops knocking as long as you keep moving. Your body, your fitness and your lifestyle are always evolving. You just have to stay in motion because only you have the power to be better than you were yesterday. I stay committed to a higher purpose, and I stay committed to a higher power. 

HAN PIN: I really enjoy working out. I like sweating, and the satisfaction you feel after a hard class is incomparable. I find fulfilment in helping other people. But the truth is, you can only help someone else if you’re strong enough so that’s my motivation.

To continuously improve and better myself so I can be in the right position to help others. If you’re finding it hard to stay on track with your fitness regime, set yourself a goal. How you get there and the time you need to get there may change but the goal will never change and you will find the power to get there.


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What is your personal fitness mantra?

PING: For me, it’s a way of life. It’s where I find freedom, power, strength, courage, determination, light and success – MYSELF. My body is my home, more than just this physical body. Know your worth, know your power, recognise your greatness - then tap into it. 

HAN PIN: Treat challenges like opportunities to get stronger and better. The person that I am now, the body that I have built for myself, it took years of hard work. Of course, I have failed. oOf course, I have been let down but if I had quit then, I would never be who I am today. So I always look at failures as room for improvement and opportunities to grow further. 

What do you find hardest to maintain/achieve when having a fitness routine?

PING: It’s easy to get swept up in life, when you have work, friends, family and so many other commitments which require your attention. Sometimes, it does get tiring and it does wear you down but for me, fitness is a release so I remind myself of that. I think a lot of people find it hard to maintain a fitness routine because they are looking at is as a punishment like “I ate this cookie, I ate this burger, so I have to work out now”.

But if you change your mindset and revolve your fitness routine around something you love, something which brings you joy, it really isn’t that hard to maintain. 
You will have good and bad days, ups and downs, highs and lows. Nobody is perfect, and life is no different.

You have to be ready to fail. You cannot be afraid to look stupid or weak. There will be first times, like carrying heavier weights, pushing extra reps, trying a new exercise. You have to be ready to fail to succeed. You just have to stay committed to your process. Most people quit because they give up, but sometimes, you have to remind yourself about the progress you’ve made, whether big or small, it still counts. Eventually, you’ll find your rhythm and that’s where we learn, grow and change.

HANPIN: It’s easy to work out every day when you have time but the struggle comes when you have to fit it into your daily routine. Now that we’re easing into a “new normal” post-MCO, I have to plan my day ahead because I am not a full-time instructor.

I do have other businesses, which I need to manage as well as friends and family I would like to see but it’s definitely easier to follow through on your routine when the people around you are also passionate about the same things.

At PWRHOUSE, we believe that there is power in numbers, so surround yourself with people who want the best for you and who will hold you accountable to your goals.


And wrapping up our special interview with Han Pin and Yi Ping, we have an express workout regime provided by the two, to encourage you to take up the challenge and sweat it out this weekend to stay fit and stay healthy.

Quick, easy and requires only a workout band, here's how you need to do it:








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