Masters of Reinvention: New Year, New You

New year, new look and lifestyle?Here's four who can help you right now.
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The new year beckons and if you need help to reinvent yourselves for a fresh start, we have brought in the experts to help!

From your manes and wardrobe to your diet and beauty routines, these four masters of their field is the one you need to know including Kevin Woo, Izrin Iz, Jesrina Arshad and Dr Lim Ting Song.

With the new year comes new resolutions. Go for a total overhaul, we say.
Master of Manes: Kevin Woo

So tell us, how do you change a person’s look with just their hair?
Firstly, we need to know a person’s lifestyle and personality, as well as what his or her wardrobe consists of. It also depends on how daring and experimental they are – for example, will she let you cut o her long locks? 

Would we need a certain personality or attitude to go with a certain hair style?
Yes. You would need the confidence for that, as some people can be afraid of change. 

You’ve transformed many people’s hair. Which particular “transformation” stands out the most to you?
There was this customer once, who looked like she was in her 40s and quite dowdy. I gave her a pixie cut and a bright magenta colour, and she never looked back. 

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Mistress of Mode: Izrin Iz

What do you think of when someone tells you they want to reinvent their style?
When it comes to fashion and style, I would say, do an honest assessment of yourself and what you are looking for.

To be able to transform your look, would you also need to change your mindset or attitude about it?
Yes, since how you dress reflects your personality. I’m not saying you need to fake it; you just need to carry and adjust yourself according to the situation.

When a client comes into Innai for a custom-made outfit, how do you go about it?
Getting to know the customer is important because we need to know her personality and how she wants to present herself.

Bear in mind, even if someone wants to change, she also has the fear of not being accepted. We try not to intimidate the customer, but instead, keep in mind her tastes.

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Mistress of Wellbeing: Jesrina Arshad

In your opinion, how do fitness and health transform a person?
In all ways. In my case, I had allergies, which affected my quality of life. Hence, I started cutting off processed food and replacing it with nutrient-rich foods. I felt so much better about myself and more energetic.

That’s why I want people to experience what I experienced, not just externally but also internally.

What is your advice to for someone who has no experience in eating healthily or working out?
I’m a big advocate of baby steps because your body can go into shock if you change drastically.

I always say, look into your diet if you’re not keen on working out. Identify your favourite dishes and make it healthier.

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Master of Aesthetics: Dr Lim Ting Song

What comes to your mind when people say “self-reinvention”?
It’s a great way to call an image upgrade, but it can also be viewed in many ways.

Perhaps they want to move on from another phase in their lives, or even to look a little bit different than before to make themselves feel better and gain confidence.

In your opinion, how do aesthetic modifications help transform people?
When people realise that they have aged so much, we help give them back their sense of self-confidence by reversing some signs of ageing.

Sometimes, little things about our features or body bother us so much that they somehow affect our lives in a negative way and our quality of life.

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Photography: Chuanlooi/Yipieyaya Studio
Styling: Jeffrey Yan
Makeup: Cat Yong
Hair: Cody Chua



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