What is Karolina Kurkova's code of beauty?

The supermodel shares with us her journey as the new face of IWC Schaffhausen and her #TheCodeOfBeauty and #TheCodeOfMe story.
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The cover girl of our June/July 2017 issue, supermodel Karolina Kurkova is truly a force to be reckoned with.

With legs that go on forever, bombshell blonde tresses and chiselled features wrapped in a dazzling smile, she is one of our favourites amongst the Supers and now, she has been named the latest ambassador for Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen.

Starring in "The Code of Beauty", a short film in IWC’s #TheCodeOfMe campaign for the new Da Vinci collection, Karolina explores what her own DNA of beauty and now, she has spoken.

At our recent cover shoot, Karolina opens up on how she came to define beauty on her own terms, and the natural attraction that sparked between her and IWC years back.

Growing up, you struggled with your unconventional looks. What are your thoughts on the diversity on fashion runways and in campaigns today?

Yes, growing up I looked different from my peers. I learned how to embrace my physical traits which ultimately led me to a successful modelling career.

I believe these “unconventional looks” made me unique, gave me character and, in a way, helped other girls in the industry embrace their differences.


Did you have to work hard to master your body – poses and angles – to become ‘model material’?

I find myself gaining more and more confidence in front of the camera as I get older. 

I also find it very important with each project to be a blank canvas. I’m always willing to transform myself, which is another important quality when you are a supermodel – the ability to be versatile.

"IWC is a master at creating watches that can also take you from day to night. One watch that I always find myself gravitating towards is the Portofino."

You also believe in inner beauty, and part of it is with helping others...
Helping others who may not be as fortunate has always been important to me. I try my best to instil the importance of charity work to my family. Not only does it bring us closer, but it will also instil compassion and caring for others – traits that are invaluable.

I have been involved in amfAR (American Foundation for Aids Research) and Feeding America for quite some time, and find that working with them inspires me in so many ways.

It has taught me humility, compassion and new perspectives, and given me the opportunity to experience something larger than myself.

How did your relationship with IWC begin?

Our relationship began blossoming about five years ago. I went to one of their store openings in New York and had the pleasure of meeting former CEO Georges Kern [now head of watchmaking, marketing and digital at Richemont].

We really connected on many levels. We both had the same passion for quality, timeless pieces and I was so impressed by the way the watches were presented and marketed. It was done in such a high-fashion, creative way that I knew I needed to be involved in a bigger way.

How do you interpret IWC’s “The Code of Me”?

The watches for “The Code of Me” collection are elegant, pure, and timeless. IWC was able to establish a link between the Da Vinci of the 1980s and modernise it without losing the family’s heritage.

What I love most about the collection is that the watches are suited for both men and women.


I noticed you wore some nice big IWC watches at events...
Yes! There are so many options – it’s hard to pick which collection I love the most because they are all so diverse and amazing in so many ways.

My mood when I’m getting ready, along with my outfit choice, always sways me in the right direction: a bigger watch for more of a day look, a smaller sleek band for a nice evening look.

IWC is a master at creating watches that can also take you from day to night. One watch that I always find myself gravitating towards is the Portofino.

Any of particular significance or sentimental value for you?
My husband Archie [Drury, an actor] and my son Tobin were gifted matching father/son IWC Pilot watches. They are both personally engraved and mean so much to us.

It was Tobin’s fifth birthday present and he wears it on every special occasion!


Photography: Damien Krisl / Cadence Paris
Styling: Monica Mong
Makeup: Lisa Legrand / Airport Agency
Hair: Chiao Chenet / Airport Agency
Photography Assistant: Laurids Jensen
Digital Assistant: Ronan Coat
Producer: Ting Chung
Production Assistant: Laetitia Gimenez
Styling Assistant: Jeffrey Yan
Model: Karolina Kurkova / D' Management Group Milan
Special Thanks: Saint James Paris



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