Cover Girl: Yuka Mannami, the pretty oddity in Tokyo

Bringing dynamic and electric energy to the set, Yuka bedazzles Tokyo with power in our cover shoot this month.
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Scouted via her photographer friend’s Instagram account, our cover girl Yuka Mannami (@yukamannami) made her debut at Fendi’s Tokyo haute couture show two years ago and has risen to fame with her eclectic looks and long, jet black hair.

A relative newcomer in fashion, she is now signed under the wings of renowned agencies and has been making a name for herself on international runways, with big name editorials and campaigns (like Shiseido) to back her up. 

Shot in Tokyo (both above and underground) by the late photographer Ren Hang, the carefree and wistful Yuka was transformed and framed in one of the most outlandish yet oddly arresting fashion spreads we have ever done.

Yuka Mannami is one of those models who can wear an old sack and still look otherworldly beautiful anyway.

On The Cover: Yuka in Dior Spring/Summer 2017 collection

How was it like working with such an inspiring photographer like Ren Hang?
When we shot outdoors in freezing temperature, Ren Hang made it so fun and exciting that I totally forgot how cold it was. Ren Hang was a rare talent and I’m forever grateful to have the chance to work with him.


What do you considerable to be your greatest achievement so far?
It has to be being named the face of Shiseido for their spring campaign.

What do you love and hate about modelling?
It’s good that I get to do something different every day and, it’s bad when I have to shoot the Spring/Summer collections during winter and the Autumn/Winter collections during summer.


What do you want to be called?
I like people to refer me as the girl-next-door kind of model.


How do you stay in top model shape?
Counting calories – and lots of exercise!

Who inspires you?
People around me who are in different creative fields.


How would you describe your personal style?
Vintage, if that’s considered a style.


Where do you shop?
At vintage stores most of the time.


Name three things you do when you’re not working.
Clean up my room; go vintage clothes shopping; walk around Tokyo.


What makes you happy?
I love spending time with my loved ones; my family and close friends.


What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

"I’m sorry but a secret is a secret."

Photography: Ren Hang
Styling: Monica Mong
Model: Yuka Mannami/Donna Models
Photography Assistants: Fish Zhang & Liyun Wei
Styling Assistant: Mou Mou
Hair: Tomoko Sato / Beauty Direction
Makeup: Ken Nakano
Makeup Assistants: Shiori Tanaka
Casting & Production: Junsuke Yamasaki
Production Assistant: Risa Yamaguchi
Special Thanks: Beat Café


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