Ansel Elgort on durian, Jamie Foxx and Baby Driver

From durian and jackfruits to music and stunt driving, here's what Ansel has to say during his stay in Malaysia.
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You've seen our Instagram posts and stories (@lofficielmalaysia), and like all of you, we were beyond excited when we met Ansel Elgort who is in town yesterday for the premiere of Baby Driver, the latest film directed by Edgar Wright.

And thanks to Sony Pictures, L'Officiel Malaysia was able to join in the press conference and pink carpet walk to meet Ansel, along with co-star Lily James (also our L'Officiel cover girl alumni) and director Edgar Wright.

And right here, right now, we present to you quick-fire Q&A session with Ansel Elgort himself to talk about trying durian in KL, his love for music, and above all, Baby Driver.

On eating durian and working with Oscar winners

Welcome to Malaysia, Ansel! You've been here two days prior and have exploring KL. We saw that you even tried durian and visiting Genting!

I really like it (durian). I'm surprised that there's a debate about whether it’s a real fruit or not, like the jackfruit as well. I loved it. I'm really enjoying Malaysia.


So, how was your experience working with Edgar for Baby Driver?

I’m a big fan of Edgar, especially after working with him. His style is so specific and when you’re an actor and you’re working with a director with such specific style, it allows you to grow, more so than a director who just asks you to do your own thing.

And what is it like working with Oscar winners Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx?

It’s insane for a young actor to show up on a set with two Oscar winners. With those two guys, you don’t know what to expect.

Obviously, it’s going to be amazing acting with them, but how was it going to be off-screen? And the off-screen, honestly, is the part I enjoyed the most because they are the nicest guys I’ve ever work with.

On making music with Jamie Foxx and Flea

And speaking of, we've heard about that music collaboration with Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Jamie Foxx on set.

Well, that song started as a production that I had worked on, on my computer.

Flea came in and redid the base line. It was incredible! Then Jamie came in and started singing. I still have that track but it’s unfinished.

First, I’m making it into an EP in a couple of months. I do have an album that I’m working on and that song will definitely be in it. I can’t let a Flea’s baseline go to waste.


Do you identify to your character Baby in real-life?

I think I’m a little bit similar to Baby in some ways. The way I most relate to him is definitely through music. I love music and I can’t imagine my life without music.

On stunt driving IRL and Malaysian fans

For the movie, you actually learnt stunt driving. Has that influenced you in real-life driving too?

No, I’m a very safe driver (laughs). Actually, they let me keep the Subaru that I drove for the first scene and I do feel that every time I drive it, I have the sudden urge to do turn it around.

But, I am definitely a better driver now and I think I enjoy driving more than ever. I’ll try to be safe too.


Who would you get to compose/sing/perform the soundtrack of your life.

It would be Queen (mic drop).


And finally, what do you have to say to all your fans in Malaysia?

We arrive at the airport two days ago and there were a few fans there waiting. I loved being with them and taking photos with them.

I wish I can do that for all my 8 million followers but I can’t. So, my way of sharing with them is through social media. I feel fortunate to have a fan base that’s very supportive of my work.

Thank you so much for your support, I cannot wait for you all to see Baby Driver!​​​

Baby Driver will be launching at cinemas nationwide on 20th July 2017. To find out more and for ticket reservations, visit your nearest GSC, TGV or MBO cinemas nationwide.


(Selected photos by Sony Pictures Malaysia and Ansel Elgort)



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