Michael Kors The Walk in Shanghai

Michael Kors lets you to be the star of your own "Michael Kors The Walk" campaign.

Have you ever thought that you'd be able to star in your own street style campaign?

For most of us, it's a bit of a farfetched dream, but now Michael Kors is here to let us live that dream!

Last night in Shanghai, Michael Kors allowed celebrities and commoners alike to live that dream in his premiere of the new  "Michael Kors The Walk" campaign.

Guests could all step into the Kors Walkbox and be transported to one of many legendary streets, having their strut end in a dazzle of paparazzi flashes. An AI editor then edited them digitally into the film, making it so each guest had a campaign and video of their own to come home with.

Of course, not all the guests needed the box to make an impression. Soo Joo Park was in attendance, along with Ella Richards, Princess Olympia of Greece, and Bibi Zhou, amongst many other notable names. Catch the photos from the event below.




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