#MaxMaraGram: See who are the stylish ladies at Max Mara's launch party

All dressed in Max Mara's finest, KL's most stylish partied fabulously at the grand opening party at Pavilion KL.

When it comes to chic fashion parties in Kuala Lumpur, The Melium Group is always on the top of the list and last week, we witnessed the grand opening of Max Mara in Pavilion KL, a new addition to Melium's repertoire.

Fuelled with the best bubblies and canapés, and add a side of live strings performance to it, you get a fabulous night, where KL's finest ladies gather by the dozens.

From Fyza Kadir and Siti Saleha to Yin Yen Lee, Serena C and Danielle Graham, the ladies were all dressed to the nines to welcome the sleek new Max Mara space in Pavilion KL.



See it for yourselves in the gallery below:

Fyza Kadir IN MAX MARA & Ahmed Feruz Zainab Abidin 1.jpg
Fyza Kadir and Feruz Zainul
Diani Lee IN MAX MARA.jpg
Diani Lee
Danielle Graham IN MAX MARA.jpg
Danielle Graham
Lee Yin Yen and Melissa Sin .jpg
Yin Yen Lee and Melissa Sin
Angela Karto IN MAX MARA.jpg
Angela Karto
Dato' Seri Dr Farah Khan & Karim Khan.jpg
Dato' Sri Farah Khan
Datin Joanna Low IN MAX MARA.jpg
Datin Joanne Low
Lexi Rodriguez.jpg
Lexie Rodriguez
Siti Saleha.jpg
Siti Saleha
Anzalna Nasir IN MAX MARA and Mohamad Hanif Mohamad Zaki.jpg
Anzalna Nasir and Mohamad Hanif Mohamad Zaki
Dianna Lee.jpg
Dianna Lee
Malek Mccrone.jpg
Malek Mccrone
Indah Johansson IN MAX MARA.jpg
Indah Johansson
Serena C.jpg
Serena C
Whulandary Herman and Zaireen Ibrahim
Su Quinn Toh.jpg
Su Quinn Toh
Whulandary Herman IN MAX MARA.jpg
Whulandary Herma
Yap Po Leen.jpg
Yap Po Leen
Yap Ai Leen, Angela Karto, Mariam Teh.jpg
Yap Ai Leen, Angela Karto and Mariam Teh

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