Bulgari 'Cinemagia' collection unveiled in Capri, Italy

Eva Green, Uma Thurman and more stars celebrate the launch of Bulgari's new high jewellery collection 'Cinemagia'.

Bulgari has just unveiled its high jewellery collection Capri, the sun-drenched island in Italy’s Bay of Naples. Themed 'Cinemagia', the collection features a series of unique creations that combine unrestrained fantasy, unparalleled gemstones and vast craftsmanship – an ode to the love affair of Romanian jewellery and cinematography.

1560738170351926 bulgari cole o cinemagia 1 1560738170652978 bulgari cole o cinemagia 2
1560738171000493 bulgari cole o cinemagia 3 1560738171279561 bulgari cole o cinemagia

Set against the incredibly blue sea and dazzling coast of Capri, the island offered an extra charm of Dolce Vita to the collection, celebrated by the most powerful ladies in the movie industry including Alicia Vikander, Kate Hudson, Eva Green, Uma Thurman and Lady Kitty Spencer.

1560738171693326 003 kate hudson.
Kate Hudson
1560738172339394 055 nieves alvarez
Nieves Alvarez
1560738172649703 ad le exarchopoulos com joias bulgari
Adèle Exarchopoulos
1560738172961505 alicia vikander com joias bulgari
Alicia Vikander
1560738173263137 eva green com joias bulgari
Eva Green
1560738173616277 jon kortajarena
Jon Kortajarena
1560738173921025 kitty spencer
Kitty Spencer
1560738174459472 laetitia casta com joias bulgari
Laetitia Casta
1560738174747723 laura harrier com joias bulgari
Laura Harrier
1560738175135996 lily aldridge com joias bulgari
Lily Aldridge
1560738175454859 uma thurman com joias bulgari
Uma Thurman
1560738175784404  rsula corber
Ursula Corberó



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