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Roberto Coin introduces Sauvage Privé collection

Roberto Coin's Sauvage Privé collection is a lyrical narration of the Italian jeweller's vision future women –bold and sophisticated.
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Comes in daring and modern silhouettes, the new Roberto Coin Sauvage Privé collection evokes the inspirational concept, where two distinct parts that face one another units through an invisible bond.

The collection undoubtedly highlights the exquisite craftsmanship of the house of Roberto Coin by bringing together two different aesthetic in one look that is more geometric and more exuberant.

And not to mention that how gracious when different gems and stones meet, emulating the beauty of harmony.

Swipe the gallery to check out Roberto Coin's Sauvage Privé collection:


To find out more about Roberto Coin's Sauvage Privé collection, visit



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