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Rihanna ♥ Chopard: From Barbados, With Love

Enlisting a rule-breaker such as Rihanna comes with certain occupational hazards and Chopard knows it.
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It started with a shoe. Yes, a shoe. Rihanna had flown across the ocean to Chopard's headquarters in Geneva with a shoe in hand, imagined to be one that packed chock-full of personality, as it reminded her of the Caribbean island of Barbados, where she hailed from.

It was there and then the brand's co-president and creative director Caroline Scheufele realised that the pop culture icon was about to redefine the way people perceive and wear high jewellery with the new Rihanna ♥ Chopard collection.

"I felt like there was a great opportunity to do something more fun, vibrant, and edgier than what we’re used to seeing."

With Scheufele's insider know-how and Rihanna's intrinsic sense of design, the two fed off each other's ideas and enthusiasm which led to around-the-globe rendezvous for sketches and edits. But Rihanna had a vision, a particular direction that she wanted to go in.

Rihanna says, "High-end jewellery is usually taken very seriously, so I felt like there was a great opportunity to do something more fun, vibrant, and edgier than what we’re used to seeing."

And what followed are just that; the lush Gardens of Barbados and the fun, electric Carnival, which was first spotted at Festival de Cannes.

(Swipe below to see some of the sketches of the designs)

Gardens of Barbados

The Gardens of Barbados boasts novelties that none can say no to – more than others is the vibrant 18-carat white gold titanium chandelier earrings.

Overstated by variegated precious gemstones and diamonds, the pair moulds beautifully into idiosyncratic silhouettes of blossoms and butterflies as if escaping the Bajans' greenery and into Chopard's.


Whereas the latter (The Carnival collection) evokes the island's serene azure waters – the soft waves crashing against the beach and burst into curling fingers that leave a pattern on the sand - a pattern that’s coagulated into fine necklaces with corresponding earrings and bracelet.

18-carat rose gold and titanium plastrons are adorned with personality-laden gemstones, with only one swank symbolic turquoise beads and cabochons, taking it right to the highest echelon of high jewellery.

This vibrant collection may have made its official debut at this year's Festival de Cannes, which also marked Chopard’s 20th year as the official partner of the Festival de Cannes, but eagle-eyed fans would have noticed that some of the pieces had already been paraded by the media topliner.

Remember the appearances in a midriff-baring getup at the Grammy's and in the head-turning Comme des Garçons number at MET Gala in New York?

(Swipe to see her red carpet looks below)



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