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Chanel brings a new collectible timepiece with an unusual mother-of-pearl dial

The famous The Première watch takes on a summer design – it now blooms with pink cherry blossoms.
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The octagonal body of The Première watch by Chanel is inspired by the architectural design of Place Vendôme in Paris and is a symbol of the perfection of timeless architecture.

This season, Chanel's collection of black and gold watches, The Première Rock, is complemented by a new limited edition model – The Premiere Rock Pink Blossom, a watch that features a mother-of-pearl dial and a light pink leather band pierced through a chain bracelet.

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Delicate, powerful and still bringing plenty of elegance to the arms of its wearer, the Pink Blossom edition is something to elevate a lady's wardrobe – from walking the red carpet to a day out with your best girl friends for brunch.

The Pink Blossom watch is water-resistant up to 30m, its case and chain bracelet are made of steel and now has only 1,200 pieces produced, making it a rare collectible for Chanel lovers.

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