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Heavenly Hour: The Citizen L Ambiluna limited edition watch

The limited-edition Citizen L Ambiluna brings a celestial element to watchmaking with its ethereal design and heritage craftsmanship.
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When wearing the Citizen L Ambiluna EG7000-01A, don’t be surprised to find yourself actually forgetting that you have a watch on your wrist.

Not only is it so dreamy and translucent- like in appearance, it is also supremely light and comfortable, negating any discomfort or sensation of heaviness sometimes associated with wearing a chunkier wristwatch.

Though launched a few years ago, this model has not lost any of its glow and lustre. With a production run of only 1,000 pieces worldwide, the timepiece articulates “honest luxury.” This addition to the Citizen L collection boasts a modern and timelessly elegant aesthetic, culled from a beautiful confluence of architecture, craftsmanship and ethics.

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A portmanteau derived from the words “ambient’ and ‘lunar”, the design of Citizen’s L Ambiluna line is conjured by famed Japanese starchitect Sou Fujimoto. His evocation of an airy, light-filled natural environment, and the gentle gleam of the moon veiled by haze is cleverly translated into the moon-glazed sapphire crystal used for the watches of the L Ambiluna range.

Guided by the concept of “absolute light”, Fujimoto juxtaposes light and design to give birth to the concept of a frosty sapphire glass surface. The deliberate diffusion of the mechanical aspect of the timepiece gives the effect of time being “felt” as opposed to being “read” by the wearer of the watch— heightened by the nuanced spectrum of light being reflected off the surface of the watch.

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Age-old Japanese craftsmanship enters the scene with the specially designed Nishijin textile used for the watch band of the L Ambiluna EG7000-01A. The fabric, traditionally used for Japanese kimonos, is refined with an unparalleled quality in sheen and texture, and is woven by 350-year-old Kyoto textile manufacturer Hosoo.

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For an added fashionable take, the L Ambiluna line has also benefited from input by fashion journalist Yoshiko Ikoma. To complete its exclusivity, the Citizen L Ambiluna EG7000-01A comes with a chic clutch and bangle made from the same Nishijin textile used for the watch bracelet.

Sharing the sustainable mindset afforded by Citizen’s Eco- Drive technology—which powers watches using any natural or artificial light source—the L Ambiluna collection’s use of the Eco-Drive movement automatically crowns it with an environmentally conscious pedigree. The experience of wearing this minimalistic L Ambiluna timepiece is quite unlike any another with its infusion of design, craftsmanship and sustainable elements in the rich context of Japanese culture and technology, from the past to the present.



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