Our May 2018 issue is all about #UglyChic, feat. Frances Coombe

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and ugly is now the new pretty.
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With the “ugly chic” era upon us, we bring you our May 2018 issue that explores that rule-breaking paradox of "ugly chic and turn it into a pioneering thought.

Starring model Frances Coombe on the cover in Givenchy, this issue is one that celebrates uniqueness and promoting individuality; and through the lens of photographer Tak Sugita, our vision is realised!

On our Ugly Chic issue, managing editor Monica says, "I believe in creating your own style and promoting individuality…As long as you feel good, it doesn’t really matter what other people think.”

And in line with our theme of the month, be sure to check out our other amazing features that celebrate this rule-breaking paradox.

In Toe The Line,  we show how the boundaries between good taste and bad grow ever more blurry with fashion’s latest obsession with ugly cool shoes.

The codes of horology are also being rewritten to make way for diversity in A Matter Of Taste. On top of that, The ‘90s Comeback explores the revival of once-cringeworthy ‘90s makeup signatures, taking the old and making them new again.

Finally, do not miss out on Rebel With A Cause that shines the spotlight on five fearless Malaysian makers shattering the conventional outlook on beauty and art.

See a snippet of our features in the gallery below:

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Cover Credits

Photography: Tak Sugita
Styling: Aya Fukushima
Makeup: Yuka Washizu
Hair: Akiko Kawasaki
Model: Frances Coombe / Bravo Models



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