Inside our Oct '17 "Cinematic" issue

"Lights, camera... and action!", that's the key to our October 2017 issue featuring Olesya Ivanishcheva.
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With our star-studded 2nd anniversary celebration (see: #MY2LOFF) behind us, it is time for the lights and cameras to revert its attention to the glorious cinematic world.

In our October 2017 aka the "Cinematic" issue, we shine the spotlight on the fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands and icons who impacted and enhanced some of the greatest motion pictures to date, featuring model Olesya Ivanishcheva in Salvatore Ferragamo and Cartier.

"And to me, every corner of Milan could be a scene from a Wes Anderson's movie"

"Milan has always had this charm that other fashion cities aren't able to offer  – blame it on Villa Necchi,
which plays a central role in the 2009 film, I Am Love," shares managing editor Monica Mong.

"And to me, every corner of Milan could be a scene from a Wes Anderson's movie. The new Room Mate Giulia Hotel, Bar Luce in the Fondazione Prada and those candy-coloured cakes and pastries could definitely make up one of the scenes. It's like stepping into a fashionable movie world."

Together with star in the making and cover girl Olesya Ivanishcheva (@olesyaivanishcheva), we are proud to introduce you to some of the top fashion films of the season in The Moving Image and the shining jewellery that sparkled up the big screen in Leading Roles.

On top of that, do check out our tribute to the iconic beauties of the past in Death of the Beauty Icon and the must-visit hotels made famous by the world of cinema in Stay Tuned.

(Swipe below for a sneak peek of our Oct issue)


L'Officiel Malaysia October 2017 "Cinematic" issue is now available at all major newsstands and bookstores nationwide.

You can also subscribe and download our digital copy on our Subscriptions page.

Cover Credits

Photography: Matthew Priestley
Styling: Monica Mong
Makeup: Heather Schnell / Exclusive Artists using MAC Cosmetics
Hair: Kiri Yoshiki
Casting Director: Neil Seeto / IMA Casting
Model: Olesya Ivanishcheva/ Elite Models



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