What's in our May '17 issue?

May is all about the rebel, the brave and the one who dares to step up their game.
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For the month of May, we at L'Officiel Malaysia shines the light on those who dare to go against the tide, those who blaze their own trails and make their own marks in the world.

Be it in fashion, beauty or lifestyle, those independent voices not only create diversity but are also needed to serve, to some extent, as checks-and- balances of what the mainstream considers fashionable.

And for this rebellious issue, we have Mona Matsuoka, a true rebel at heart and a rising star in fashion, to front our cover (see her interview here) dressed in Saint Laurent and Corum.

On that note, our managing editor Monica Mong says, "Many friends of mine have been saying that one of the fashion occasions they wish to be at in 2017 is the “Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçon: Art of the In-Between” exhibition. For years, Kawakubo has ditched the conventional catwalk in favour of this kind of avant-garde parade."

"Closer perhaps to performance art than fashion; this is pretty similar to what I have in mind when presenting L'Officiel Malaysia every month."
Change The World

She adds, "The young labels do not intend to be anti-fashion nor anti-luxury; they are just different. They represent an alternative to the homogeneity and, indeed, the hegemony of fashion today."

"They are stepping onto the road less travelled – just like what Kawakubo’s been doing – going along a new path in search of the new. In the month of Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons, why don’t we all be a little rebellious?"

On that note, we list down all the rebels of the moment that you need to know, from the fashion's international indie giants in The Originals to our own local activists in Change The World.

Get to know the top models/role models in Model Behaviour, beauty brands' ambassadors in Beauty Activators and check out our picks of masculine timepieces for the ladies in A Gentleman's Touch.



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