Inside our February 2021 "Love Story" issue feat. Yoonyoung Bae and Taemin Park

'Tis the season of love and this February, we want to remind all of you on the message of self-love and love for those around you.
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Last year has proven to be a rather trying period for all of us especially with the coronavirus pandemic radically bringing life to a slower pace while posing a unique set of challenges that threaten our physical and mental well-being.

Therefore, it’s only right for L’Officiel Malaysia to usher the new year on the brightest note possible by putting together an issue that is devoted to better caring for yourself and making yourself a priority – the "Love Story" issue.

On our cover story, we scouted two top Korean models Yoonyoung Bae (@mulan_bae) and Taemin Park (@txxmini) to show us the latest Cruise 2021 collections and the cover itself sees the duo dressed in Prada's finest pieces.

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February 2021 cover starring Yoonyoung Bae and Taemin Park

The February 2021 issue gets right into the thick of things with Fashion Positivity, a compilation of feel-good Spring/Summer 2021 fashion trends that are chiming with positive affirmations and mindful mantras to inspire and evoke self-love.

On the bijoux front, you will find the ultimate guide to the best protective jewellery to help you find your inner peace over at Deliver Us From Evil.

1612412833096813 alom 0221
Fashion Positivity by Tan Siok Hoon
1612412863406702 blom 0221
Deliver Us From Evil by Nikita Nawawi

Alternatively, you can commemorate the moments and milestones of your life with precious and priceless timepieces in Rites Of Passage to journey with you through a lifetime.

Since we are spending a lot more time indoors, why not get educated on The Fundamentals Of Self-Care and put together a beauty-centric routine to make your “me time” extra special.

1612412884888287 clom 0221
Rites Of Passage by Tan Siok Hoon
1612412902820727 dlom 0221
The Fundamentals Of Self-Care by Joyce Fan

And while you are at it, treat yourself and your loved ones to some positively tasty minimalist cakes at Let Them Eat Cake. All in all, we want you to pamper yourself in various ways to reward yourself for braving through the year (so far) with gusto.

1612412919092178 elom 0221
Let Them Eat Cake by Nikita Nawawi
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Cover Story: Two For Two photographed by Sang-hun Lee

The February 2021 "Love Story" issue featuring models Yoonyoung Bae and Taemin Park in Prada is now available on and will be available in newsstands and bookstores soon.





Photography: Sang-hun Lee
Styling: Raymond Chae
Hair: Woo Jun Kim
Makeup: Young Lee
Assistants: Eunbi Park, Hyunmin Kim, Yena Lee, Yunmi Jeong
Models: Yoonyoung Bae, YG KPLUS // Taemin Park Gost Agency



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