Inside our Chic issue feat. Zoë Kravitz & Saint Laurent

With roles in major blockbusters and hit shows, the magnetic muse of Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium is changing the face of Hollywood as we know it.
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The name "Zoë Kravitz" should not be a stranger to most with A-list parents behind her – Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet –, but she is so much more than just that.

With roles in major blockbusters and hit shows, and recently cast as the magnetic muse of Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium, Zoë Kravitz is changing the face of Hollywood as we know it and we couldn't find a better candidate for our latest March 2019 issue – one of the two biggest months of the fashion world.

Dressed in Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello, we have Zoë Kravitz parade the best of Saint Laurent's Spring/Summer 2019 collection and sit down with us for a chat.

In that bold spirit, in lieu of the standard interview, we asked Kravitz to answer the Q&A à la Proust, in a nod to our French heritage:

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[Interview: Simon Liberati]

Who is your favourite writer?
Patti Smith.

Do you like Paris?
Yes, Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. My father lives there and I’ve amassed so many memories there over the years.

Do you have a favorite neighborhood?
I love Le Marais. It’s the perfect area for shopping, eating and people-watching.

You take the subway around New York, but have you ever taken the Paris metro?
Sometimes! I try, of course, but not too often, because I get lost.

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You spent a part of your childhood in Topanga Canyon. What memories do you have of that time?
I loved growing up in the middle of nature and a community full of love. Topanga is a wonderful place that encouraged me to get to know and appreciate the natural environment from a very young age.

What was the moment when you first felt free?
When I moved to New York at age 15.

What is your simple pleasure in life?
Walking the streets of New York with my earphones in.

Which qualities do you appreciate in a man?
A sense of humour and abs.

Which qualities do you appreciate in a woman?
A sense of humour and loyalty...?

Who is your hero?
My mother.

What is your favourite colour?

1551851450844604 lofficiel malaysia 0319 magzter 2 zoe kravitz saint laurent

Is fashion important to you?
Yes, I like fashion because it’s a way to express my personality.

Can you describe your latest find?
An old Bob Marley & the Wailers T-shirt.

What does Yves Saint Laurent represent for you?
Sophistication, rock and roll, androgyny and classic chic.

How did you meet Anthony Vaccarello? What struck you about him?
I met him at his first show for Saint Laurent. He is calm and sensitive; he pays close attention to detail. A true artist.

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Cover Credits

Photography: Zoey Grossman
Styling: Jennifer Eymère
Makeup: Nina Park (Forward Artist)
Hair: Nikki Nelms (Impaq Beauty)
Manicure: Casey Herman (The Wallgroup)
Local Production: Mariana Cantù (MC Colectiva)
Digital Technician: Ashley Dingess
Assistants: Zane Shaffer, Marion Grand, Simone Wolf
Location: Pier 59 Studios
Outfit: Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello



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