#CoverGirl: Chu Wong strikes in Bailey's final Burberry designs

Who better to bring Christopher Bailey's swansong designs to life than Chu Wong, the Chinese beauty that smashes stereotypes with her boyish mien and androgynous cool?
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Named "Final Fantasy", our April 2018 issue is all about taking that much-needed break from reality to escape into the world of make-believe.

To deliver this fantasy-realness, we have Chinese model Chu Wong (@chuwong) star in our cover story, where she flaunts Christopher Bailey's final Burberry collection with her boyish mien and androgynous cool.

Christopher Bailey’s final few months of his 17-year career at Burberry was spent reinforcing his message of love, acceptance, inclusivity and diversity and Chu Wong the perfect muse for that.

Transcend stereotypes and love thyself

In a conservative Chinese society where girls (and boys) are still expected to look a certain way, Chu Wong is part of a new school of Asian models that is shattering stereotypes and diversifying the perception of beauty.

In short, she is our top fantasy pick to dress up in Bailey’s gender, class, and age-transcending designs.


When it comes to fantasy, the fashion industry, for one, has been going all out with imaginative creations that are simply out of this world, as evident in How Couture Got Its Cool Back, while What If shows how jewellers toy with the idea of endless possibilities with tales that could one day become our very own stories.

Get acquainted with the beauty products that offer you an outcome beyond your wildest dreams in Spirited Away, as well as the fearless transgender personalities who have taken a brave step into the spotlight in the highly illuminating and must-read piece, Now You See Me.

Also, a shout-out to our girl Jojo who brings wanderlust to another level with her 4-page story in Someday Somewhere.

(Swipe below for a sneak peek of our issue)

L'Officiel Malaysia March 2018 "Throwback" issue is now available at all major newsstands and bookstores nationwide.

You can also subscribe and download our digital copy on our Subscriptions page.

Cover Credits

Photography: Xiangyu Liu
Styling: Monica Mong
Makeup: Yooyo Keong Ming / Andy Creation
Hair: Bon Zhang Fan
Producer: Colin Lu
Post Production: Suffe Studio
Model: Chu Wong / NSR China



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