Zalora and Nike drop Hyper Flora Collection

The Mexican-inspired Nike Hyper Flora collection comes in an exotic tropical palette, living the passion and energy of sport.
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Inspired by the rich colours and vibrant landscape of Mexico, the Nike Hyper Flora collection brings the passion of sport to life, emulating the dynamic, energetic lifestyle of modern women.

And in partnership with Zalora, Nike is bringing the collection exclusively on Zalora's online retail platform!

From footwear, leggings to sports bras and tops, a range of signature items from Nike's Running, Training and Lifestyle lines are spruced up with the motifs of Morning Glory, Majesty Palm, Neotropical Orchid and Mexican Breadfruit. 

The hand-painted floral motif comes in a lovely contrast between bold colours like red, vibrant green and softer hues such as pink, grey, light blue and yellow, beautifully portrays the diverse beauty of women.

Swipe the gallery to check out more looks from Nike Hyper Flora Collection:


In celebration of the launch of Hyper Flora collection, a special preview was held in Singapore, and guests were invited to experience the energy and colour of the collection.

The Neon room showcased the collection along with dazzling neon light installations whilst the Jungle room mirrored the lushness of Mexico's tropics.

Zalora and Nike has also teamed up with Singaporean artists, Band of Doodlers in colouring a live mural in the UV room, which pictures the busy, wonderful life of women today.

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The Zalora x Nike Hyper Flora Collection is exclusively available in Singapore, Malaysia, Philipines and Indonesia.

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