Here's why you need to score the Coach 1941 Pre-Fall 2017 collection

We break down the Coach 1941 Pre-Fall 2017 collection and tell you exactly why you need to buy it.
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If there's anything that said on-trend for the past few season, it will be the idea of "travel" and if you hop over to social media (Instagram or Facebook), you'd most probably be flooded with travel stories and imagery (see our travel stories here).

After all, travel is now one of the top priorities of our generation and this Coach 1941 Pre-Fall 2017 collection, creative director Stuart Vevers is taking us to infinity and beyond with its travel themed collection.

Featuring a mash of inspiration, from outer space to American prairie and nostalgic thrift stores, the Coach 1941 full Pre-Fall 2017 collection is now not-to-be-missed and here are 3 reasons why you need to get your hands on them now!

Go Interstellar Chic

It all began with the question: “What if Rexy went to space?”. And from there, Coach armed Rexy with a space suit and push him on an inter-galactic mission.

First spotted in the Coach Space capsule collection (see here), the key highlights for the space theme include the shearling jackets, the Rogue Bag and the Dinky bag, all featuring cheeky embroidered and leather patches.

Not to forget, there's also the NASA x Coach series, where we can find designs referencing the Apollo 13 space shuttle, the NASA logo and funky UFOs.


Fun fact: Did you know that the patches are inspired by ones on an astronaut's space suit?  And the first time NASA astronauts wore mission patches was during the 1965 Gemini 5 flight.


space-patches-jacket.jpg10976_Space Patches Rogue.jpg10844_Space-nasa-sweater-30.jpg10844_Space-Patches-kisslock-bag-30.jpg87582_Space Rexy TShirt.jpg10844_Space-Patches-Turnlock-Wristlet-30.jpg
That All-American Girl

What's Americana without a reference to the wonderful prairies. For Pre-Fall 2017, it's not just about the floral or grass plains, but also the canine you'd see roaming the land.

In its key prints for the season, you'll get dog motifs incorporated into pastel florals for that extra edge.

Add that with the graphic duck prints on the knits and Wild Beast in drop motif on the dresses, you'll have a psychedelically chic American Prairie looks for the sweet, yet daring fashionistas.


Fun fact: This season’s Wild Beast is the smallest and most colourful iteration of Gary Baseman’s drip motif. Look closely and see each spot is layered with strokes meant to resemble paint by number kits.

(Swipe below to see the prints used)

Thrift Shop Turned Chic

For the carefree style pioneers, nothing beats that vintage-esque #OOTD and Coach 1941 has those by the dozens.

From knits with dog prints to ones with an embellished sundaes on, tacky is the new way to make a cheeky statement.

If knits aren't for you, then the open lace work blouses and dresses or the "Trompe L'oeil" bows on jackets will definitely do that trick. Add that with intricate mini tea rose trims on the womenswear's tops, skirts and dresses and you'll get the perfect vintage thrift shop chic look.

We'd say that even Macklemore approves!


Fun fact: Did you know that Coach design team specially created a ric rac trim that looks like mini tea roses lined up next to each other in a zig zag pattern. You’ll see it on dresses, tops and skirts!


20279_Embellished Sundae Sweatshirt.jpg
20210_Short Sleeve Western Lace Blouse - DROPPED.jpg
11337_Sundae Embellishment Kisslock Frame Bag 23.jpg
20255_Embroidered Varsity Souvenir Jacket.jpg
20300_Dog Intarsia (2).jpg
10523_Linked Tea Rose Rogue Bag.jpg
20190_Prairie Dog Rose Skirt.jpg

The Coach 1941 Pre-Fall 2017 collection is now available in-store worldwide including its flagship boutique at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

For more information, visit or contact your nearest Coach boutique.


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