Furla teams up with Sanrio for Little Twin Stars collection

The luxury house has come together with Sanrio once again for a capsule of accessories starring the adorable Kiki and Lala from Little Twin Stars.
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Ignore the haters, you’re never too old for cute, so says Furla, who has teamed up with Sanrio once again for a collection of accessories that is pretty much guaranteed to make your inner child squeal with glee.

Following the success of previous collaborations with the Japanese specialist in all things cute (hello, Hello Kitty), the Italian house has turned its attention to two other cartoon celebrities – Kiki and Lala of Little Twin Stars.

According to Sanrio's legend, the delightful duo is twins born on the Omoiyari Star in the Yume Star-Cloud, who travelled a long way to Earth to learn how to be the best and brightest stars possible.

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Pink-tressed Lala is the elder twin, who loves art, poetry, and cooking, while blue-haired Kiki is curious and cheeky, and likes fishing and inventing. The two characters have captured many hearts since the ‘70s and now lend their star power (pardon the pun) to the newly-launched Furla capsule.

Delivering a hearty dose of kawaii, the collection features prints of the Little Twins Stars, interspersed with floral motifs in white, baby blue, and pastel pink, which are splashed across bags and small leather goods.

Kiki and Lala shine brightly on Furla’s emblematic Metropolis crossbody bag, which comes in Ares calfskin for the small size and Saffiano for the mini, as well as a white Talco version where the twins smile sweetly from the front flap. Cosmetic cases, card holders, and coin purses in the same three patterns of printed leather round out the collection.


Take a closer look in the gallery below:


The Furla Little Twin Stars collection is available now at Furla boutiques worldwide.



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