The New York Journey: Juwei dances in the Big Apple with Longchamp

Back in February, we took the streets of New York in style with Juwei Teoh as she treads the big city, all dressed in Longchamp.
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While it is barely two months ago, the recent New York Fashion Week in February seems like a distant memory but we are here to take you back to the Big Apple with a special shoot with Longchamp, starring one of our favourite style connoisseurs Juwei Teoh (@juweiteoh).

Dressed in the finest pieces from the Longchamp Spring/Summer 2020 collection – a collection inspired by the solar journey from dawn to dusk –, Juwei took us on a little journey during dusk to catch the ever-eclectic beauty of Manhattan – from the Longchamp show venue at the Hudson Common to the vibrant streets of SoHo and the elevated beauty of the High Line.

Shot by our digital editor Calvin Chong using his smartphone, the aesthetic is about bringing that raw and captivating beauty of the three subjects – Longchamp, Juwei and New York.

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The Hudson Commons on 9th Avenue
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1587532595773231 20200209 055830 004 saved
West 26th Street, Chelsea
1587532605792762 20200209 053430
The High Line on Chelsea
1587532626959823 20200208 053514 040 saved
On the corner of Lafayette and Broome Street, SoHo
1587532611011351 20200209 004732
On the corner of 9th Ave. and 34th Street
1587533188968323 20200209 055410 066 saved
West 26th Street, Chelsea
1587532643451912 20200208 053414
On the corner of Lafayette and Broome Street, SoHo

All looks and bags: Longchamp Spring/Summer 2020 collection.



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