Inside the new seasonless collection by Gucci

With inspirations drawn from abstract art and vintage-inspired floral prints.

In the new chapter for the Gucci seasonless collection, Alessandro Michele introduces new snazzy prints to classic Gucci silhouettes. Bohemian dresses are updated with bold prints like a black abstract poppy floral as well as an optical, eye-catching G dot labyrinth that drew inspirations from abstract art.

Meanwhile, the world of nature continues to permeate Gucci’s aesthetic with vintage-inspired floral prints.

Here, we take you through the new collection with a set of images by Gucci:

1621930858697361 look 5
1621930862394095 look 16
1621930867186835 look 34
1621930871563835 look 36
1621930877310543 look 69
1621930885606188 look 77
1621930889596868 look 97



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