The Erdem x H&M lookbook has arrived!

We've been waiting too long and it's finally here. See all the looks available down below!

We've seen the collection at the press preview last month and we've been dying to share the Erdem x H&M collection with you.

Finally, we have the green light to show you every single detail about the collection as we brace ourselves for the coming launch on 2nd November 2017.

And first up, we have the Erdem x H&M lookbook ready for you right here. Shot by  Michal Pudelka, the lookbook presents the floral-filled collection in an English theme, much like its campaign film which was shot by Baz Luhrmann.

Without talking too much now, we'll let you bask in the glorious lookbook in the gallery below. Just swipe left to see all the images.


A nostalgic and personal homage to Erdem's personal history and his works for the past decade, the Erdem x H&M collection showcases many of Erdem's design signatures including the iconic flower motifs and precise tailoring.

That aside, we also find a list of chic wardrobe essentials up for grabs, ranging from mohair sweaters to off-white guipure lace tops and a 90s inspired hoodie.

And here's a gallery showcasing every single piece available in the women's collection and we've included the price for your reference too!

(Swipe left below to see all the Erdem x H&M womenswear pieces)

Leather Heels - RM849.00.jpg
Leather Heels - RM849.00
Leather Sling Bag - RM499.00.jpg
Leather Sling Bag - RM499.00
Logo Hoodie - RM299.00.jpg
Logo Hoodie - RM299.00
Mohair Sweater - (B) - RM399.00.jpg
Mohair Sweater - (B) - RM399.00
Mohair Sweater - RM499.00.jpg
Mohair Sweater - RM499.00
Mohair Sweater (M) - RM399.00.jpg
Mohair Sweater (M) - RM399.00
Pleated Dress - RM599.00.jpg
Pleated Dress - RM599.00
Shirt - RM299.00.jpg
Shirt - RM299.00
Silk Pants - RM399.00.jpg
Silk Pants - RM399.00
Silk Scarf - RM 149.00.jpg
Silk Scarf - RM149.00
Silk Scarf - RM249.00.jpg
Silk Scarf - RM249.00
Silk Shirt - RM499.00.jpg
Silk Shirt - RM499.00
Snowdrop Dress - RM699.00.jpg
Snowdrop Dress - RM699.00
Snowdrop Tights - RM99.90.jpg
Snowdrop Tights - RM99.90
T-Shirt (B) - RM149.00.jpg
T-Shirt (B) - RM149.00
T-Shirt (W) - RM149.00.jpg
T-Shirt (W) - RM149.00
Top - RM499.00.jpg
Top - RM499.00
Wool Blazer - RM499.00.jpg
Wool Blazer - RM499.00
Wool Coat - RM999.00.jpg
Wool Coat - RM999.00
Wool Pants - RM499.00.jpg
Wool Pants - RM499.00
2 Pack Socks (2) - RM149.00.jpg
2 Pack Socks - RM149.00
2 Pack Socks (3) - RM149.00.jpg
2 Pack Socks - RM149.00
Blouse - RM499.00.jpg
Blouse - RM499.00
Blouse - RM599.00.jpg
Blouse - RM599.00
Dress - RM599.00.jpg
Dress - RM599.00
Dress - RM699.00.jpg
Dress - RM699.00
Earrings (B) - RM169.00.jpg
Earrings (B) - RM169.00
Earrings (W) - RM169.00.jpg
Earrings (W) - RM169.00
Faux Fur Coat - RM999.00.jpg
Faux Fur Coat - RM999.00
Leather Sling Bag (2) - RM499.00.jpg
Leather Sling Bag - RM499.00
Wool Jacket - RM699.00.jpg
Wool Jacket - RM699.00
2 Pack Socks - RM149.00.jpg
2 Pack Socks - RM149.00
Brooch - RM149.00.jpg
Brooch - RM149.00
Dress - RM499.00.jpg
Dress - RM499.00
Embroidered Hoodie - RM399.00.jpg
Embroidered Hoodie - RM399.00
Floral Blazer - RM699.00.jpg
Floral Blazer - RM699.00
Floral Coat - RM849.00.jpg
Floral Coat - RM849.00
Floral Pants - RM499.00.jpg
Floral Pants - RM499.00
Floral Skirt - RM699.00.jpg
Floral Skirt - RM699.00
Floral Sneakers - RM499.00.jpg
Floral Sneakers - RM499.00
Floral Thights - RM99.90.jpg
Floral Thights - RM99.90
Hairclip - RM129.00.jpg
Hairclip - RM129.00
Lace Blouse - RM499.00.jpg
Lace Blouse - RM499.00
Lace Blouse (B) - RM699.00.jpg
Lace Blouse (B) - RM699.00
Lace Blouse (W) - RM 699.00.jpg
Lace Blouse (W) - RM699.00
Lace Dress - RM999.00.jpg
Lace Dress - RM999.00
Lace Long Dress - RM1,399.00.jpg
Lace Long Dress - RM1,399.00
Lace Top - RM599.00.jpg
Lace Top - RM599.00
Leather Boots - RM849.00.jpg
Leather Boots - RM849.00
Leather Handbag - RM1.199.00.jpg
Leather Handbag - RM1,199.00
Sequin Dress - RM 999.00.jpg
Sequin Dress - RM999.00
Snowdrop Long Dress - RM999.00.jpg
Snowdrop Long Dress - RM1,199.00
Wool Skirt - RM 399.00.jpg
Wool Skirt - RM399.00

The Erdem x H&M collection will be available at H&M Lot 10 and H&M Avenue K from 2nd November onwards. You can also shop online at

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