Shiatzy Chen celebrates 40th anniversary with Mickey Mouse and friends

Shiatzy Chen is dropping a capsule collection in collaboration with Disney this summer!
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Celebrating its glorious 40th anniversary, Shiatzy Chen invites Mickey and his friends to join its exciting adventure to break the cultural and style difference between the East and West.

And from that, the dreamy Shiatzy Chen X Disney Fall/Winter 2018 Collection, inspired by the sparks between Mickey and the animal paintings in Dunhuang frescoes, is born.

And before the main drop, there will be a capsule collection dropping this summer!

Inspired by the rich colouring and majestic art of the Dunhuang Murals and how it records a history and culture, the collection features a warm-retro palette, with a range of pale pinks, tender greens, golden yellows, indigo, beige, orange, bronze and ink black.

The design team reimagines historical cave art with exquisite fabrics, turning the geometric totem into delicate embroideries.

The patterns of classic Disney characters are spliced by knitting and twisting yarn; jacquard weave and chiffon lace are matched with sports skinny jeans, delivering a melding of classic and avant-garde.

Swipe the gallery to have a sneak peek of Shiatzy Chen X Disney Capsule Collection:



Visit for more updates of the launch date!



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