Neelofa returns with her 3rd drop for Sometime by Asian Designers

Meet the Lofarclutch, a fresh take on the classic clutch bag.
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After two successful collections, Neelofa returns once again for a brand new design collaboration with Sometime By Asian Designers and this time we meet the Lofarclutch!

Marking her third project with Sometime By Asian Designers (a Malaysian fashion company that is known for co-designing collections with selected Asian designers and fashion icons), Neelofa brings her personal sense of style, aesthetics and personality into the new collection – a fresh and hip take on the classic frame clutch silhouette.

And this Sometime inspired by Neelofa collection is set to drop this coming Thursday, 5th March 2020 online and at the Sometime by Asian Designers showroom in The Gardens Mall, KL.

1583129435363227 neelofa with lofarclutch in beige

“My experiences around the globe has given me fresh perspectives, especially in modest dressing. I’m glad to be able to translate my thoughts and ideas into a quality product that can be shared with everyone who’s passionate about fashion and style. Nicole and her team at Sometime are always supportive with my crazy ideas and have always hit the spot with truly the best quality on par with luxury brands. The cherry on the cake is the personalization feature that Sometime offers, it makes my collection extra meaningful and exclusive!”

– Neelofa.

1583129513414397 lofarclutch in fawn

With eight enticing hues (including Black, Fawn, Eggshell, Maroon, Navy, Olive, Puce and Baby Blue), the Lofarclutch, which took a year of designing and brainstorming to complete, has a stylish yet functional design that features a knotted and flexible strap, paired luxurious gold hardware with a snap closure.

Marked as one of the most successful collaborations under the Sometime By Asian Designers portfolio, the Lofarclutch is a marriage between premium quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship; and something every woman would need in their arsenal!

1583129978714424 neelofa with lofarclutch in baby blue

The Lofarclutch will launch at and the brand’s showroom in The Gardens Mall, KL on 5th March 2020 at 11 AM, with the price tag of RM259 each.

Customers may also opt for personalization at RM29 to make the clutch exclusively theirs.


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