Mr Bags celebrate the spirit of a gourmet for Longchamp

For his latest collaboration with Longchamp, Mr Bags packs a load of cheesy goodness into his designs.
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It is no secret that with Mr Bags (@mrbagss), every bag touched/recommended by him is almost a guaranteed sell-out and his ongoing Longchamp collaboration is solid proof of that.

With 2020 looming around the corner, the iconic bag connoisseur is back for his third Mr Bags x Longchamp collaboration, which will launch worldwide on 20th December 2019. A collection made to celebrate both year-end and new year festivities, the coming collection is focused on a very joyous, playful and spirited concept.

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The very core inspiration of this collaboration is the concept of Chihuo (吃货), which means a foodie in Chinese, and Mr Bags reinterprets the concept to celebrate the spirit of a gourmet (an apt tribute especially for the festive season where delicacies are abundant).

From there, he works on the idea of a mouse eating cheese (which also serves as a hint to the Year Of The Rat), the adorable motif is then translated into a series of bags, in leather and nylon, and exclusive t-shirt design.

The highlight of the design is definitely the iconic Longchamp leather flap that is now munched-up in the corner as if it is bitten by a rat, while other key design features include the cheese-filled print fabric, the cheese print on the inside of the leather flap and the touches of yellow on the sleek black bags.


Scroll down below to see the full collection:

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